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Created by team Sophistisolo on March 26, 2023

SophistAI is a OpenAI, ChatGPT 3.5turbo based AI, that is aimed to make writing official documents easier. When you feel that pure use of thesaurus is just not enough… Create better impression of yourself by producing the most exquisite, most sophisticated sentences the English language has to offer! Just insert your humble text, to achieve the most astonishing result: "Keep your hair on – I only accidentally deleted your dissertation" And you`ll get a sophisticated sentence instead! “I apologize for any inconvenience caused, but please do remain composed as it was an inadvertent deletion of your dissertation." Below, you will find a version on google-collab and for This project has a goal of helping journalists, reporters, detectives and businessmen or just anyone who would like to write with inspiringly beautiful language. Future plans: Switch to chat-GPT-4 Better offensive language handling Increase the maximum size for text inputs User miscellaneous controls Better sophistication of languages other than English

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