Interview Perpartation

Created by team Worktern on March 26, 2023

Our product takes in a job description and helps prepare a user for a job interview. The model uses the job description searches through a database to find the most relevant documents to give chatGPT context. Then it provides them interview questions. After the interview, which uses the Whisper API to transcribe the user's voice response to the interview question, the model provides feedback by looking using the question and the user's response to find relevant documents to give ChatGPT context on what makes a good answer. After the user has completed all interview questions. They are given overall feedback, and a final score on their performance.

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"Cool app! It lacks a lot of information in your vedeo presentation. Great work on UI!"


Olesia Zinchenko

Product Marketing Manager

"Missing audio in upload. Very good idea and use case. Will love to see more "


Pawel Czech