Redis Sidequest winner announcement

Friday, June 09, 2023 by Marek
Redis Sidequest winner announcement

A Toast to the Premiere AI Hackathon Sidequest

Fasten your seatbelts, tech enthusiasts! The debut Sidequest within's AI hackathon has concluded with a bang, marking a memorable milestone for aspiring visionaries and AI aficionados worldwide. Over seven lively AI Hackathons within three stimulating months, participants crafted awe-inspiring Redis apps like never before.

Envision a one-stop-shop for all AI endeavors โ€“ that's precisely the experience this hackathon delivered! Equipped with cutting-edge technology, unique tokens, and comprehensive tutorials, participants were armed for success. Our extraordinary mentors offered unwavering guidance to the diverse global community of trailblazers and innovators right from the get-go.

Catering to AI21 API buffs, AutoGPT API virtuosos, and ChatGPT API fans alike, participants chose their desired generative AI models, empowering them to unleash their boundless creativity in building remarkable AI-based applications.

Beyond just the technology, the event flourished with a strong support system from dedicated mentors and speakers guiding everyone and fostering a collaborative spirit. This unity and teamwork fueled the event's heart, cultivating an environment ripe for revolutionary ideas to blossom.

Unveiling the Stellar Winners and Their Ingenious AI Innovations

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Hold tight, dear readers! Prepare for the grand revelation of the eminent Redis Sidequest champion. But first, let's shed light on the remarkable features that defined this edition.

Imagine participating in one or more of the 7 AI Hackathons, harnessing the power of Redis to devise a remarkable solution. After seven days of relentless effort, you're on the cusp of transforming your project into a thriving startup! This incredible opportunity, offered by's and Redis's SideQuest, grants winning projects additional momentum on their transformative journey. Behold the pinnacle of AI through the Hackathon Artificial Intelligence, brought to you exclusively by!

Let's delve into some enthralling figures: across all 7 AI Hackathons, over 16,500 community members engaged with Redis technology. As a result, 43 fully functional Redis app prototypes were unveiled!

Our esteemed panel of judges diligently assessed each project, taking into account criteria such as completion, presentation approach, practicality, market value, innovation, distinctiveness, advanced tech usage, potential impact, and overall impression. Undoubtedly, the competition was fierce, but the moment to disclose the winner and finalists has arrived!

Without further ado, it's time to introduce the exceptional trailblazers poised to revolutionize the AI startup landscape! drumroll

Winner - Memoiz

The first prize was awarded to the ingenious Memoiz app!

Navigating extensive databases can be daunting, particularly when unsure of the targeted information. Existing tools like ChatGPT supplement Google, but aren't ideal for personal data handling. Memoiz, an ingenious solution, addresses this issue.

The core of Memoiz lies in its primary database storing text data and the optional secondary database for embeddings (both potentially on Redis Stack). Archived text data is transformed by Cohere Embed into a 4096-dimensional vector and saved on the Redis server. As users converse with Memoiz, their chat history informs the semantic search, providing context for text generation prompts sent to Cohere Generate.

The future of Memoiz envisions a large-scale mood tracker, a powerful language model, and a public API for broader integration.

Second place - RedTeamAGPT

The second reward goes to outstanding RedTeamAGPT, a groundbreaking solution for assessing network vulnerabilities in residential and workspaces. Employing advanced technologies like AutoGPT and Langchain, this toolkit delivers effective security testing with a focus on quick engineering and seamless integration into Linux-based security settings.

Utilizing AI, particularly AutoGPT via GPT-3 and Langchain, this toolkit detects vulnerabilities through a series of tests and generates comprehensive security reports. These reports highlight vulnerabilities' severity levels and offer remediation suggestions.

RedAGPT significantly enhances security testing, making it an indispensable tool for professionals seeking to safeguard networks and systems.

Third place - Organize your storage with AI

The third place reward goes to Smart Health, a personal health assistant offering swift, customized health guidance. With services like symptom checkers and tailored health tips, users can efficiently manage their wellness. This remarkable tool is the brainchild of an expert team comprising computer science, medical, arts, and business professionals.

Leveraging GPT3, Redis Vectorized DB, Python, and React, SmartHealth delivers interactive, personalized advice. The database contains details about health conditions, symptoms, causes, and treatments, which, when combined with GPT3, enables users to gain insights into their health conditions without in-person doctor visits. This cutting-edge tool adopts a future-proof tech stack to make inventive ideas a reality.

Two Finalists - Chattyrental and MyThorch

Also among 43 created projects we would like to give an honor mention to 2 more projects - Chattyrental and MyTorch.

Congratulations for creating unique and so advanced apps and we can;t wait to see more of you!

Venturing into the Future: What Awaits in the AI Domain?

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Thriving with over 54,000 community members and 897 prototypes, the future brims with extraordinary AI-powered hackathons, such as the AI Hackathon and numerous innovative breakthroughs in AI.

Recognizing the essence of time, we're also geared towards those keen on exploring modern technology without dedicating a full week. Enter the realm of 48-hour hackathons, offering a shorter, yet equally thrilling experience, because every chance to build an AI app is incredible, right?

The AI revolution is well underway, and you're an indispensable contributor. Let's persistently reshape the world, one ingenious invention at a time. The approach is straightforward: pinpoint an issue and employ AI to derive the solution.

Don't waverโ€”join the community today and actively contribute to the exhilarating world of AI.

Let's shape the future!

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