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Redis provides access to mutable data structures such as strings, hashes, lists, sets, and sorted sets. These data structures can be manipulated using a variety of commands that are sent over a simple protocol using TCP sockets. Redis also supports various advanced features such as transactions, Lua scripting, pub/sub messaging, and bitmap operations.
The solutions from Redis provide an additional range and capabilities to solutions built on transformer technologies. RediSearch, RedisJson, and other Redis modules allow for building the next generation of AI-Native software solutions.

Relese dateApril 10, 2009
Typein-memory data store


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  • ChatGPT Memory Allows to scale the ChatGPT API to multiple simultaneous sessions with infinite contextual and adaptive memory powered by GPT and Redis datastore
  • ChatGPT Retrieval Plugin The ChatGPT Retrieval Plugin repository provides a flexible solution for semantic search and retrieval of personal or organizational documents using natural language queries

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