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AI21 Labs is a platform for building AI applications. It provides a suite of tools and guides for building AI applications and training models. AI21 Labs helps developers and businesses use cutting-edge language models, with no NLP expertise required. Access powerful language models using an API that makes you smile

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TypeNatural Language Processing

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AI21 Studio is a platform for building AI applications that comprehend and generate natural language, powered by AI21 Labs' cutting-edge language models

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YouTranslate is an innovative and user-friendly Chrome extension that revolutionizes the way people interact with videos on YouTube as well as text on other platforms. By addressing language barriers, YouTranslate enables users to watch videos in their preferred language. Real-time translation capabilities provide accurate voice-overs, ensuring that the content is accessible to a diverse global audience. The interactive chat feature takes video-watching to a whole new level by allowing viewers to actively engage with the content. Users can create summaries, ask questions, fostering a dynamic learning and collaborative environment. The viewer translation feature allows viewers to obtain translated videos. For creators looking to expand their reach, YouTranslate offers an exclusive content creator translation feature. This empowers video makers to generate translated subtitles or voice-overs for their videos, breaking language barriers and attracting a broader international audience. By catering to viewers in different linguistic backgrounds, content creators can establish a more diverse and engaged community. YouTranslate is not only a translation tool but a platform that promotes knowledge sharing, education, and entertainment on a global scale. Whether you're a viewer seeking to watch videos in your native language or a content creator eager to connect with a broader audience, YouTranslate simplifies the process and enhances the overall video-watching experience. Embrace the power of seamless communication and unlock new possibilities with YouTranslate!



The idea behind VocalVortex is to create a powerful web application that addresses the language-related challenges faced by individuals in today's fast-paced world. I was inspired to develop this application to provide efficient language solutions that save time, enhance comprehension, and facilitate language learning for a diverse range of users. The main purpose of VocalVortex is to empower users with quick and easy access to information through text summarization and language translation functionalities. Many individuals, such as students, researchers, and professionals, often come across lengthy articles, documents, or research papers that they may not have the time to read in entirety. By presenting the key insights in a summarized form, users can quickly grasp the main ideas and make informed decisions about whether to delve deeper into the material. The app also integrates a Text-to-Speech feature, which further enhances the learning experience. Text-to-Speech technology allows the app to read the summarized content aloud with proper pronunciation and accents. One of its ability is to display accompanying images relevant to the summarized content. Visual aids can significantly aid understanding, especially for complex topics .. For example, consider a language enthusiast who loves to explore various subjects but has limited time. They come across an intriguing article written in a foreign language. Instead of spending hours translating and reading the entire article, the user can simply paste the text into VocalVortex. The app generates a concise summary and provides language translation options. The user can read the summary in their preferred language and use the Text-to-Speech feature to listen to it while on the go. The accompanying images further enhance their understanding, making the learning process efficient and enjoyable.