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Created by team SmartHealth on March 04, 2023

Your personal health assistant. SmartHealth is capable of helping users quickly and easily access personalized health advice and guidance. By offering range of services such as symptom checker and personalized health tips to help users stay on top of their health and well-being. Who are We? SmartHealth is composed of passionate and talented team of Computer Science, Medical, Arts and Business individuals. Josh, Lizzie, Jason and Raj continue to apply the latest technology to improve Healthcare. How Do We Do It? We leverage the power of GPT3, Redis Vectorized DB, Python and React to provide you with an interactive, personalized health assistant. We put together a database of health conditions and their symptoms, causes, and treatments. By pairing our secure and personalized database with GPT3 we are able to help you understand your health without having to visit a doctor in person. Our Technologies We chose to use a future proof tech stack to get our ideas to become a reality, below are a few of the technologies we used.

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"A good idea followed with a good demo. There could be great implications for this idea when medicine and artificial intelligence cooperate even more. The presentation covers all the key points."


Dimitrije Pesic


"Health technologies are challenging, health is important thus i must provide realistic criticism. I enjoy the working product. Although the limits of AI and health are not taken into consideration. I recommend starting with: ‘Informative missingness in electronic health record systems: the curse of knowing. by Groenwold, 2020. Specifically “Informative missingness can be incorporated in a clinical prediction model, for example by including a separate category of a predictor variable that has missing values.” -It was difficult to verify uniqueness in your github, plz provide basic documentation in future."


Ervin Moore

PhD Computer Science Student