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Created by team HCMUwUS on March 03, 2023

MyThorch is a revolutionary document interaction app that leverages user behavior to embed vectors and store them in a Redis vector database. This process creates a long-term memory AI that truly understands the user's needs and preferences, leading to a highly efficient reading experience. The user uploads documents and the app filters for key points and also provide content the user cares about. The user can then select any part of the document to clarify further and track down references for specific parts of the generated document, ensuring accuracy and avoiding AI hallucinations. Using React for the frontend and Flask for the backend, we deliver a fast and efficient user experience. The GPT-3 API generates personalized documents based on user focus, while Redis stores previous interactions to reduce token input to GPT-3. Constant data collection helps us adapt to the user's needs for a personalized experience. Future plans include integration with Kindle, Kobo, Google, and Firefox, as well as partnerships with document management systems and cloud storage platforms. Our subscription-based business model offers premium features for $2/month. MyThorch is a game-changer for students, teachers, educators, and researchers, offering enhanced productivity and time-saving benefits.

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"Good idea, has the potential to become a very useful application!"


Jakub Misilo


"MyThorch is an innovative app that utilizes cutting-edge technology to enhance document interaction and provide users with a highly efficient reading experience. The app's use of AI and user behavior to generate personalized documents based on user focus is impressive. The integration of various platforms and the plan for partnerships with document management systems and cloud storage platforms show great potential for growth. The subscription-based business model is also reasonable, offering premium features for an affordable price. Overall, MyThorch appears to be a valuable tool for students, educators, and researchers"


Theodoros Ampas

Technical Mentor

"Crucial self learning and reinforcement of user based behavior. I liked the use of tech as the core product. Will be easy to get from 1st users to power users. Simple yet brilliant tech. "


Pawel Czech