TruEra Challenge: Build LLM Applications with Google Cloud Vertex AI

Revolutionize AI with TruLens by TruEra - Your Gateway to Building Better LLM Applications!

  • 🏆 A Prize Pool valued at up to $73K (please see details below).
  • 🚀 Build with Google Cloud Vertex AI and TruLens, open-source LLM Observability by TruEra!
  • 💎 $30 Google Cloud credits for team members!
  • 🧑🏻‍💻 Connect with the foremost talents at TruEra, a significant contributor to the Intel Disruptor Initiative.
  • 🤝 Collaborate with like-minded individuals! For the Hackathon you can work in a team from 1 to 6 members.

In this Hackathon, you can also join with a project from the 🏆 TruLens 48-Hours Hackathon, provided you adhere to the following rules.
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Get Prepared With TruLens!

  • Evaluation: TruLens empowers you to assess the quality of your LLM-based applications by evaluating inputs, outputs, and internal workings. It offers built-in feedback mechanisms, including groundedness, relevance, and toxicity, while being adaptable to custom evaluation needs.
  • Tracking: TruLens provides essential instrumentation for a range of LLM applications, from question answering to retrieval-augmented generation and agent-based solutions. This instrumentation allows you to monitor diverse usage metrics and metadata, providing valuable insights into your model's performance.

TruLens Resources

To kickstart your journey with TruLens, explore the following resources:

  • GitHub Repository - Access the TruLens codebase and contribute to its development.
  • Quick Start Guide - A step-by-step guide to quickly set up and start using TruLens-Eval.
  • GitHub Repo - Visit the TruLens website for comprehensive project information and updates.

User Case Guides

TruLens is adaptable to a variety of LLM applications, including:

Get started with TruLens today and unlock the potential of your LLM-based applications.

Google Cloud Credits

Access Google Cloud credits to build with your hackathon project. We provide a few ways to get access to Vertex AI products for Hackathon Participants:

Entry Google Cloud Benefits

Hackathon Team Credits

Teams formed for the TruEra Challenge will qualify for $30 in credits per team member to utilize throughout the Hackathon.

These credits will be issued shortly after the start of the hackathon through several stages. It is advantageous for participants to promptly join a team at the beginning of the hackathon to expedite the credit allocation process.

Alternative Infrastructure for the Hackathon

If a team reaches their credit limits on their accounts and requires additional credit coverage, offers infrastructure support throughout the hackathon. This serves as a backup option, ensuring teams have uninterrupted access and comfort while using Google Cloud Vertex AI products.

To access the service account created for the hackathon, submit the form on the hackathon team page. Ensure you're the team leader of a registered team before completing the form. Your access details will be emailed to you, allowing for uninterrupted project development.

Hackathon Challenge

Your challenge is to utilize the power of AI observability to enhance your LLM-based application, with cutting-edge technology from TruEra and Google Cloud Vertex AI.

Submission Requirements

Your project must utilize both TruLens technology and Google Cloud Vertex AI products to be eligible for submission and participation in the evaluation process.

We recommend using the LlamaIndex framework and Zilliz vector database for your Hackathon app. This choice supports scalability and ensures direct assistance from Zilliz and LlamaIndex teams, potentially boosting your app's success!

Hackathon Prize

  • 🥇 Hackathon Winner: $4,000 in cash prize + $5,000 Google Cloud credits
  • 🥈 2nd Place: $3,000 in cash prize + $3,000 Google Cloud credits
  • 🥉 3rd Place: $2,000 in cash prize + $2,000 Google Cloud credits
  • 2 Hackathon Finalists: $2,000 Google Cloud credits

Furthermore, each team that submits a solution will receive $100 in Google Cloud credits per team member. These credits will be distributed only after the submission deadline. Please note that up to 500 participants who are part of a team that submits a solution will be eligible to receive the credits. The credits will be distributed to the email address used by the participant to register on

Please note: The total combined value of both cash prizes and Google Cloud credits is up to $73,000 USD.

Cash prizes are awarded in USD. While we endeavor to expedite the distribution process with our partners, the delivery of prizes may take up to 90 days. lablab will not be held responsible for delays or inability to deliver prizes for this event as it relies solely on the event partners (TruEra & Google Cloud) to receive the total prize amount and distribute it.

Additionally, while the lablab team will endeavor to make their best effort, there is no guarantee of entry, offer, or reward of any of giveaways or prizes, and such entry, offer, or reward will be subject to their respective availability, conditions, and certain criteria that will need to be met. lablab reserves the right to amend, modify or cancel any of the items or terms of this event or even the event in its entirety. While lablab is not obligated to, it will endeavor to inform participants within a reasonable timeframe of such changes.

Success Criteria

Address a real-world problem from any industry of your choice.

Showcase your application's adept utilization of TruLens by TruEra.

Your application should feature a comprehensive observability suite and score impressively on evaluations.

Tell a compelling story about how you harnessed observability to pinpoint opportunities for enhancing your application.

While it doesn't have to be production-ready, your application should demonstrate practicality and user-friendliness, leaving users excited about its potential.


TruLens by TruEra

TruLens is a versatile toolkit by TruEra, encompassing TruLens-Eval for LLM and LLM-based application evaluation, and TruLens-Explain for deep learning explainability. These tools offer developers valuable insights to optimize AI applications effectively.

Partner's Technologies

Google Cloud Vertex AI

Vertex AI provides the tools you need for swift innovation through generative AI. With AI solutions, powerful Search and Conversation capabilities, and access to 100+ foundational models, it's your gateway to streamlined AI development.


Zilliz offers a cutting-edge Vector Database tailored for Enterprise-grade AI and LLM applications. This advanced technology serves as a robust foundation, empowering developers to optimize their AI projects with efficiency and scalability.


LlamaIndex, an open-source data framework, streamlines the connection between custom data sources and large language models, enhancing AI applications by enabling data ingestion, indexing, and querying capabilities.

Get Started With TruLens!

To dive deeper with the Hackathon technology, check out guide on the evaluation and tracking of LLM experiments with TruLens.

Build better AI with TruLens - an open source platform for testing and analyzing large language models. This video guide provides an overview of key TruLens features like comprehensive testing, explainability analysis, and robust metrics. See how TruLens helps minimize risks and ensures greater accuracy in your LLM experiments.

Transitioning Your Submission from the TruLens & Google Cloud Vertex AI 48-Hour Hackathon

If you've previously participated in the TruLens & Google Cloud Vertex AI 48-Hour Hackathon, your creations can be the part on the main challenge. Develop your submission for the main challenge, adhering to these key requirements:

  • Define your chosen feedback functions for evaluating your application's success.
  • Submit evaluations from your initial prototype and the final version, highlighting improvements made with TruLens.
  • Focus on building retrieval augmented generation (RAG) applications, in line with the main challenge's objectives.
  • Ensure you highlight your project's development timeline, starting from the micro hackathon through to the advancements during the main event.
  • To join the TruEra Challenge with the same team, create a new team on the hackathon dashboard and invite your team members.

This is your chance to elevate your previous work and make it shine even brighter. Let's push the boundaries of AI innovation together!

Speakers, Mentors and Organizers

  • Daniel Huang

    Daniel Huang

    Software and machine learning

  • Piotr Mardziel

    Piotr Mardziel

    Software and Research

  • Olesia Zinchenko

    Olesia Zinchenko

    Event Manager & Mentor at

  • Dina Shall

    Dina Shall

    Community Manager

  • Daniel Duccik

    Daniel Duccik


  • Theodoros Ampas

    Theodoros Ampas

    Co-Founder of Content-Hive

  • Dimitrije Pesic

    Dimitrije Pesic


  • Walaa Nasr Elghitany

    Walaa Nasr Elghitany

    Data scientist and doctor

  • Shebagi Mitra

    Shebagi Mitra

    Technical Mentor

  • Paulo Almeida

    Paulo Almeida

    co-founder of Stunning Green

  • Damian Pawłowski

    Damian Pawłowski

    Business Development

  • Anupam Datta

    Anupam Datta

    Co Founder and Chief Scientist

  • Yujian Tang

    Yujian Tang

    Developer Advocate

  • Josh Reini

    Josh Reini


  • Ksenia Nekrasova

    Ksenia Nekrasova

  • Donald Nwokoro

    Donald Nwokoro

    Backend Developer

  • Shayak Sen

    Shayak Sen

    CTO at Truera

  • Laurie Voss

    Laurie Voss

    VP of Developer Relations

  • Jerry Liu

    Jerry Liu

  • Michael Davis

    Michael Davis

    Customer Engineer at Google

Event Schedule

  • To be announced

Submitted concepts, prototypes and pitches

Submissions from the teams participating in the TruEra Challenge: Build LLM Applications with Google Cloud Vertex AI event and making it to the end 👊

Term Aware Guard

Term Aware Guard

Term and Conditions web app summarizer using GoogleVertexAI models and TruLens for evaluation

Surrey CV and NLP

MIlestone Master

MIlestone Master

A new way to track for track project status based on facts and artifacts!


Ai farmer

Ai farmer

This is a tool to help farmers in Sub Saharan farmers to help them do analysis, visualize changes in their area like soil data, and weather patterns, and how these will affect the farm depending on their input so with help of googleai and TrusLens

Prioritization Strategy Ai



Medical Coding AI RAG based assistant for better medical results

Shaman Technology



SimplifAI is a user-friendly web application that transforms English text into 'Simple English,' a simplified form designed to enhance understanding for individuals with diverse cognitive abilities.


Research AI

Research AI

using google vertex ai to enable researchers carry out complex tasks that normally require multiple open tabs

Soft AI

JobEase AI

JobEase AI is a groundbreaking ai platform revolutionizing job hunting. It addresses the challenges faced by both job seekers and employers in today's competitive market.


 TruLens-MindShield via Vertex AI

TruLens-MindShield via Vertex AI

MindShield aims to offer users a protective layer against the cognitive hazards of the digital world, from outrage mobs to manipulative bots.


Study Buddy

Study Buddy

Study Buddy: Transform your study sessions with AI! Instantly answer queries from course materials, automatically create custom flashcards and get quiz solutions with just a photo. Your pocket-sized key to academic success!

Arepa Tech

AI Trip Advisor

AI Trip Advisor

Revolutionize your travel with AI Trip Advisor! Get personalized, AI-driven travel recommendations, smart itinerary planning, and real-time support. Explore the world effortlessly with our cutting-edge, user-friendly technology.


Senior Digest

Senior Digest

News Made Easy: Keeping Seniors Connected and Informed




Leveraging existing outputs generated by LLMs to 1. Let users make their chats with LLM public within the LLM creator's platform 2. Let other users add comments, likes etc on the public chats 3. Leverage Data from the user traits to enable personalization


Financial Pandalist

Financial Pandalist

Unlock insights from company 10K filings! Simply upload your report and chat for personalized advice. The Financial Pandalist: Your ultimate guide in the world of finance


NeuroLitiks - AI Illuminates Policy Paths

NeuroLitiks - AI Illuminates Policy Paths

NeuroLitiks revolutionizes public policy analysis with TrueLens, blending AI and transparency to make complex decisions understandable and trustworthy for all

Hadox Human Networks

Tru Era Applied

Tru Era Applied

From the award winning makers of TruEra Enhanced , 🔬TruEra🧫Applied This submission is more about the journey than the destination. We took an existing application and asked some tough questions with painless answers from Trulens & made it better.

Team Tonic

SHAi - Sustainable Hydroponics AI

SHAi - Sustainable Hydroponics AI

SHAi - Focused on sustainability, this domain-specific Large Language Model (LLM) is designed to cater to the diverse needs of hydroponic enthusiasts while aligning with eco-friendly agricultural methods, promoting sustainability.


Life Extension AI

Life Extension AI

An AI to help you learn about new techniques and methods for Life Extension, that is living much longer than your normal lifespan, say 200 or 500 years old.




Huddle is a networking app aimed at builders, indie hackers, and startup founders. It's a platform where individuals with similar interests can find each other to share knowledge, exchange experiences, and offer mutual support.




Analysis any pdfs and speak to them by empowering LlamaIndex and ChatGPT to create a full structure response and detailed manner plus analysis to your image




Building an RAG app is easy. However, optimizing its different parameters is necessarily not. With RAG2Rich, identify the optimal configuration based on the average "richness" score and deploy your next RAG system with confidence.


GAMAN Open Science Project Marketplace LLM

GAMAN Open Science Project Marketplace LLM

Creating the Marketplace LLM for Open Science Projects so that open science projects will be more accessible for everyone who eager to contribute to science projects related to their interests. Inspired by NASA Hackathon which I joined last October 2023.


Ask Priya

Ask Priya

Ask Priya is a reimagined US Immigration personal assistant. It outperforms Ask Emma (current chatbot solution on USCIS website) on all evaluation metrics by an order of magnitude.