TruLens-MindShield via Vertex AI

Created by team MIND INTERFACES on December 08, 2023

The project aims to tackle the issue of cognitive manipulation and the algorithmic spread of toxicity in digital platforms, particularly social media. This is achieved through a novel approach using tools like TruLens-Eval for real-time content evaluation and TruLens-Explain for insight into content classification decisions. Additionally, TruEra will be used for model optimization. A key innovation is the development of a browser extension or app, integrating seamlessly with social media platforms to provide users with real-time filtering and explanations. This system stands out for its user-customizable dashboard, allowing personalization of content filters. Addressing a significant gap in current tools, the project focuses on shielding users from manipulative or emotionally charged content, with an emphasis on transparency. TruLens-Explain will elucidate the reasoning behind content filtering, offering users more control and understanding. The project's relevance is underscored by the widespread issue of toxic digital content. Its effectiveness hinges on employing TruLens and TruEra tools for prompt evaluation and refinement. The success of this project will be gauged by user satisfaction and the precision in real-time filtering and explanation of problematic content.

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