JobEase AI

Created by team MetaMinds on December 08, 2023

JobEase.AI, developed by MetaMinds, revolutionizes job hunting for the global market of over 190 million active job seekers. This innovative platform addresses challenges faced by candidates and employers through features like advanced resume tailoring, CV evaluation, a Chatbot Guiding Counselor, and Interview Preparation tools. Powered by Vertex.AI and enhanced by truLens for an intuitive user experience, JobEase.AI caters to job seekers, students transitioning to the job market, and employers in need of efficient candidate evaluation. The business plan emphasizes a broad market reach, leveraging online platforms, social media, and strategic partnerships. With a subscription-based revenue model featuring a freemium offering, JobEase.AI represents a paradigm shift in job hunting, offering a data-driven and user-centric approach. Welcome to the future of job seeking—welcome to JobEase.AI.

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"Really awesome use case and innovative features around resume tailoring to job descriptions. Would have liked to see more about how you used evaluations to iterate and improve the application. I was also unable to use the demo website (though it looks really slick!)"


Josh Reini