Created by team SimplyTeam on December 08, 2023

Many individuals with learning or mental disabilities encounter difficulties in comprehending standard English text, limiting their access to information and hindering effective communication. To tackle this issue, we propose a user-friendly web application that effortlessly converts any given English text into 'Plain English,' a simplified form of writing designed to enhance understanding for people with diverse cognitive abilities. By doing so, we aim to ensure that information is not only accessible but also inclusive. The target audience for our web app is broad, encompassing individuals with learning or mental disabilities, caregivers, educators, and anyone aiming to communicate with a diverse audience. By catering to the needs of this demographic, our application fosters inclusivity and ensures that information is comprehensible to a wider spectrum of users. Moreover, being English the international language, but not the mother tongue of most humans, it can help users who study it. The unique benefit lies in the simplicity of our solution – a tool that makes information universally accessible, bridging the gap and promoting a more inclusive digital environment.

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"Incredibly impactful project to benefit individuals with learning or mental disabilities and awesome use of both evals and integrated gradient explanations. Well done!!"


Josh Reini