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Created by team biologyAI on December 06, 2023

There are many new drugs being developed right now to help people live dramatically longer and healthier lives. There is an entire subculture devoted to finding new ways to live longer and some people take many supplements per day in order to help them live longer. These are usually high-net worth individuals who have thought deeply about Life Extension and already have a personal doctor helping prescribe them new medications to help them live longer lives. We want to help both these people and their doctors to find these new therapies. Our primary source of raw data is Pubmed, a vast archive of scientific papers relating to health and medicine. It contains millions of peer-reviewed, high quality scientific articles, but using the traditional Entrez keyword based search mechanisms, it is sometimes difficult to find the best article to support a conclusion like "exercise is good for you" or "metformin can increase your lifespan" in recent literature

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"Good use of tech! Outside of the patient doctor chatbot, the application was a bit confusing. Would have liked to see additional metrics used to validate the performance of your app against business requirements. Overall, nicely done!"


Josh Reini