Created by team BarcelonaVibe on December 06, 2023

The app functions similarly to Tinder but is intended for professional networking. The process starts when new users sign up and provide details about their professional background, experiences, and current challenges. They also identify the type of individuals they want to network with. Subsequently, Huddle presents them with a curated selection of potential matches based on their profile. If there's a match, the platform schedules a video call for both parties, thereby streamlining the networking process. In terms of technology, the plan is for Huddle to be built using Llamaindex and the Zilliz vector database to store user-specific embeddings. These embeddings are generated via a model built on Google's Vertex platform. Truera's Trulens Eval is a fantastic option here as it ensures a faster development pace and guarantees a working prototype within quite short timeframes of the hackathon.

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