Building with Google Cloud's AI Models: Insights from the Vertex AI Hackathon

Wednesday, July 19, 2023 by Olesia
Building with Google Cloud's AI Models: Insights from the Vertex AI Hackathon

The Google Cloud Vertex AI Hackathon at was an amazing event that brought together a community of AI enthusiasts and developers. With 95 submissions, 814 teams, and 4,649 participants, it was a showcase of incredible talent and passion within the field.

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Building with the Latest AI Models

Participants in the Hackathon had the unique opportunity to access Google Cloud's latest AI models, like PaLM 2, Generative AI Studio, and more. They took on the challenge of using these powerful tools to create fully functional prototypes in just three days. Whether they worked alone or in teams, participants tackled real-world problems with the help of Google Cloud Vertex AI models.

Benefits for Google Cloud Users

Google Cloud offered several benefits to its users, making it even more exciting to explore and build with AI models. Users could take advantage of the free tier of $300, allowing them to experiment and get familiar with the platform without any cost.

Furthermore, Google Cloud provided free access to preview features and models, giving developers the chance to be among the first to try out the newest AI models and features. This early access provided not only a competitive edge but also valuable opportunities for feedback.

Support for Education and Research

Google Cloud strongly supports education and research. Students, educators, and educational institutions can apply for free credits, giving them the power to access the Google Cloud Platform and harness the potential of AI in their projects. Additionally, researchers receive tailored free credits to support their important contributions to advancing AI.

Pioneering Projects Triumph in Innovation Challenge

The recent hackathon challenging participants to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) leveraging Google Cloud Vertex AI has ended on a high note. Participants were required to build an online accessible working prototype, a video presentation, and a pitch deck within a weekend. The event, organized on the lablab platform, attracted several innovative projects. Here's a quick look at the winners.

1st Place 🥇: HyperTarget - Content Personalization Revolution

HyperTarget, an AI plugin for WordPress, bagged the top prize. It revolutionizes content personalization by embedding personalized affiliate content directly into blog posts in real time. The tool is designed to enhance user engagement and significantly increase revenue for bloggers. HyperTarget continually collects user data to fuel its reinforcement learning algorithms, allowing the system to improve and refine its content personalization techniques with each click.

2nd Place 🥈: SparkTales

SparkTales won second place with its solution aimed at assisting parents in crafting unique, tailored stories for their children. The tool leverages advanced NLP and machine learning algorithms to generate engaging storylines based on details provided by parents, such as their child's name, age, and favorite activities. In addition to text stories, SparkTales uses voice synthesis technology to transform the stories into audio tales, providing a comprehensive storytelling experience.

3rd Place 🥉: Judgy AI

Judgy AI, the third-place winner, is an AI-powered platform designed to streamline hackathon judging. The platform uses AI agents to conduct market research, code analysis, chat sessions, and semantic search, addressing the challenges associated with evaluating large numbers of hackathon submissions.

Google Cloud Vertex AI Hackathon Finalists 🏆


AIT-DiagramCodeX made it to the finalist list with its platform designed to convert natural language into diagrams and subsequently into source code. This unique approach enhances productivity and efficiency for developers, engineers, and data scientists.

Alea for AirBnB

Alea for AirBnB, another finalist, developed a conversational UI agent to enhance the Airbnb experience for both hosts and guests. Alea acts as a personal assistant for hosts during the listing process and a support system for guests, simplifying the booking and check-in process.

PulsarWave - The Trend Monitoring Radar

Also making it to the finalists was PulsarWave. This tool utilizes AI to scan and interpret global news, providing real-time trend identification. It empowers businesses, governments, and organizations to stay ahead of geopolitical shifts, making informed decisions, and developing adaptive strategies.

The creativity and innovative prowess demonstrated by the participants clearly highlight the transformative potential of AI. We're looking forward to seeing these projects developed further beyond the hackathon.

Embracing Collaboration and Innovation

The Google Cloud Vertex AI Hackathon was a celebration of collaboration, innovation, and AI community. Participants connected with like-minded individuals at community, explored the latest AI models, and worked together to solve real-world problems. Their dedication and creativity showcased the limitless possibilities of AI.

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As we applaud the achievements of all the participants, we invite you to join the AI revolution! Shape the future with AI and be at the forefront of innovation.

With access to powerful AI technologies, the possibilities are endless. The future is waiting, and together, we can unlock the full potential of AI!

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