Literary Pal

Created by team AI for literature on July 10, 2023

Our project is about using Google Vertex AI text-generation model(s) to recommend recently published literary pieces (short fiction, creative nonfiction essays, interviews, etc) published by small, independent or academic literary journals, to a wider audience. The motivation for our project is the grim reality of how underfunded small, literary journals areto increase the readership of literary journals by encouraging our app's users to click on interesting headlines to read the entire piece on the journal's website. We envision that the users could use some filter words to narrow their search or our recommendations. To recommend these pieces, we want to either classify each literary piece or to use AI to summarize it to no more than 10-15 words.

Category tags:

"good idea, good use of technology, great presentation"


Walaa Nasr Elghitany

Data scientist and doctor