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I am a dynamic pediatrician, who possess expertise in data science, and has gained valuable experience in pharmacovigilance and medical writing while working as a medical manager. I am passionate about leveraging data science and machine learning to revolutionize healthcare and medicine, bridging the gap in-between, and driven to make a meaningful impact in the world through innovative solutions and be part of shaping the future of technology. My experience as a pediatrician working with children has sparked my imagination and creativity, leading me to explore the application of automation and digitalization in the context of medical or pharmaceutical companies. My ability to adapt my writing style to various audiences allows me to partner with multiple departments, including business department, while staying up-to-date with the latest medical advancements. Regularly, I take pleasure in volunteering and engaging in brainstorming activities where I judge technology competitions and mentor innovative projects. Additionally, I frequently attend technology meetups. Well, there is a real person behind this profile, enthusiastic, challenger, and creative problem-solver, who enjoy swimming, enjoy reading books about personal development and practice meditation.


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