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About: With 7 years of experience in tech support, I'm excited to be transitioning to a full-stack developer role. My background in IT support has provided me with a strong foundation in Customer Service, networking, operating systems (including Windows and Linux), system administration, and security. Additionally, completing the Google IT Support Professional Certificate has allowed me to hone my skills in these areas through hands-on practice. I'm a motivated and skilled individual who is passionate about continuously learning in the IT field. As I embark on this new career path, I'm eager to apply my knowledge and experience to develop innovative solutions that solve technical problems and deliver exceptional user experiences. Skills: HTML Javascript CSS React MongoDB Node Prisma NestJS Docker Basic computer architecture, Operating systems (Windows, Linux) Remote connection and virtual machines , Computer networking Software management, Troubleshooting , Customer service Routing concepts, VPNs and proxies, Permissioning Package and software management, Process management Resource monitoring, Systems administration, Configuration Centralized management, Implementing/managing directory services Data management and recovery, IT security, Cryptology/encryption Hashing, Network security


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