The AI app hackathon Winners are here!

Friday, June 30, 2023 by Marek
The AI app hackathon Winners are here!

The First-ever AI Hackathon Nears its Exciting Finale!

Brace yourselves, tech enthusiasts! The electrifying first-of-its-kind " AI app Hackathon" has triumphantly drawn its conclusion. What a thrilling 72-hour roller-coaster ride it turned out to be in the land of AI! Orchestrated by the innovative, this skyrocketing event marked a pivot point not just for avant-garde entrepreneurs but also for AI aficionados across the globe.

Envision a be-all-end-all destination for Artificial Intelligence – that’s precisely what this dynamic hackathon managed to serve up on a platter! Equipped with cutting-edge gadgets, exclusive tokens, and in-depth how-to guides, the participants found themselves fully armed to embrace the challenge. Furthermore, our dedicated mentors never skipped a beat in supporting the vibrant community of global prodigies and disruptors throughout the thrilling proceedings.

Regardless of your desire to pioneer with the Anthropic Claude, delve into the StabilityAI app, or harness the prowess of ChatGPT API for a mind-blowing solution, the hackathon indulged every palate. Participants could choose their preferred AI model, aimed towards the future, to fuel their creativity and devise prodigious AI-powered apps.

But this event transcended beyond just technology. The central pillars of the hackathon were the fervent mentors and speakers, who navigated participants through any turbulence, ensuring an unwavering interaction. The spirit of camaraderie and unity formed the bedrock of this globally-revered event, providing the perfect incubator for novel ideas.

The Numbers are in!

robots running in the marathon

Hold on, distinguished readers! We're on the brink of unveiling winning monday AI apps created during " AI app Hackathon". First, let's delve into the significant highlights of this exceptional event.

Picture spending 72 hours diligently sculpting your innovative project, only to realize it could soon bloom into a startup sensation! Coinciding with provisions, winning teams are presented with a golden ticket to join the celebrated Early Stage Accelerator program, AI Slingshot, propelling their application into the monday app marketplace. Talk about a paradigm shift! Feel the excitement of AI brought to life under the Hackathon's umbrella, a treat exclusively served by!

Now, let's play with some impressive numbers: The event saw a massive turnout of 1663 remarkable participants from every corner of the Earth, morphing into 225 eclectic teams that truly embodied global diversity. The cherry on top? A staggering 43 cutting-edge functional prototypes were crafted and showcased!

Our esteemed panel of judges, armed with years of experience in the field, examined each project with hawk-like precision, assessing various elements like completion, presentation flair, practicality, commercial viability, innovation, distinctiveness, use of advanced technology, the potential for impact, and overall impression. The ferocious competition was palpably intense, and the moment to unmask the champion and the finalists is at hand!

So let's cut through the anticipation – it's high time we introduced you to the extraordinary revolutionaries all set to disrupt the AI startup landscape! drumroll

Grand prize - AI Smart Forms

The grand prize of $5,000 cash + $10,000 revenue bonus in MP goes to Smart Forms by Adaptavist for creating a tool to unlock the potential of AI to gain valuable insights, personalize interactions with customers, optimize your marketing strategies, and much more!

“Save time and quickly get back to form respondents by using tailored messages the app creates for you based on the feedback provided through WorkForms. Improve engagement and communication with your responders, fostering a more interactive and personalized experience. - Categorize replies automatically and generate tags in a designated column based on the answers provided in the forms.”

2nd place - Board Assistant

Second place prize of $4,000 cash + $8,000 revenue in MP goes to Board Assistant, which is an innovative application designed to streamline your experience with!

“[...]Here's what Board Assistant brings to the table: AI-Powered Analysis.[...] Effortless Conversation Interface [...] Identifying Bottlenecks [...] Insights and Analytics [...] Handling Large Boards [...] Activity Log Analysis [...] This allows you to stay updated with all the changes and developments in your work environment. With Board Assistant, you'll have a smart companion that makes your experience more productive and efficient.”

The best app in Tel Aviv - Doc Builder AI

The best app build in Tel Aviv won a prize of $3,000 cash + $6,000 revenue bonus in MP goes to DocBuilder AI for an app to make the process of writing business documents faster, easier and better by using AI.

“[...] Instead of starting from a pre-made, empty doc template, and then filling it out manually, users can now generate highly relevant and detailed documents that cover everything they need with DocBuilder AI. Before users start writing their doc(or even during writing it), users are encouraged to have an interview with our AI bot which asks simple, easy to answer questions that effectively gather all of the requirements for building the doc and filling it out with relevant, custom content. [...]”

The best app in London - SentimentSense

The best app created in London got $3,000 cash + $6,000 revenue bonus in MP and it is Sentiment Sense by Appfire, which allows you to analyze the customer’s happiness with the power of AI!

“SentimentSense is an innovative AI-powered sentiment analysis app [...] which offers accurate detection and analysis of emotions, specifically tailored to enhance the functionality of the platform. By seamlessly integrating with, SentimentSense allows users to leverage the power of AI to gain deep insights into sentiments expressed within their items, groups, boards, and projects. [...]”

The best app virtual - AI Actions

The best app created virtually on wins $3,000 cash + $6,000 revenue bonus in MP is AI Actions, which can boost work OS with AI-powered workflows.

“[...] Designed specifically for companies wanting to experience AI's transformative potential but lacking the resources to onboard data scientists, AI Actions offers a gateway to unprecedented productivity enhancements. By utilizing AI Actions, businesses can automate a vast spectrum of tasks, from filtering HR emails and managing community engagement for coding projects, to performing sentiment analysis in reviews and generating comprehensive content plans with text and images. [...]”

Mentor’s choice - ChatDoc

Last, but not least award, a mentor's choice which was $3,000 cash + $6,000 revenue bonus in MP goes to ChatDoc for creating a solution which allows users to chat with documents, ask technical questions and brainstorm ideas.

“[...]You can interact with ChatDoc in a conversational way, asking follow-up questions and challenging incorrect premises; it will also reject inappropriate requests and ask for clarification when needed. ChatDoc is trained on 100,000+ words of documentation and support threads[...]”

AI is not slowing down and there are more opportunities!

robots building a house

With an ever-growing community exceeding 57,000 innovators and a tally of 957 prototypes already brought to life, the horizon holds even more mind-blowing AI-centric hackathons. Mark your calendars for future events intrinsically woven with top-tier technology entities like ChatGPT API or Anthropic Claude API and an array of avant-garde enhancements in the AI domain.

With the pace of the AI revolution showing no signs of easing off, we're lining up a series of futuristic AI Hackathons powered by high-tech components, aiming to equip our community with an expansive platform for crafting AI-grounded solutions to existing predicaments. That's the essence of - to usher AI builders, creators, and innovators into a space brimming with similarly driven individuals, thus facilitating the construction of AI-geared solutions to meet present-day challenges!

The AI revolution is charging full steam ahead, and you're an integral part of this exciting journey. Together, let's keep revolutionizing our world, molding it one innovation at a time. The algorithm is straightforward: pinpoint a problem and counter it with AI-laden solutions.

Hesitate no more. Embrace the community today and be a catalyst in this thrilling realm of artificial intelligence.

Be the change! You hold the power to shape the future!

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