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Monday AI Assistant: Boost Your Productivity

Get ready to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence in your workspaces. Monday AI Assistant, a new and innovative platform, is designed to enhance your productivity and revolutionize the way you work.

Release dateMay, 2023
TypeAI-driven productivity assistant

Level up your Monday workspace with AI

Monday AI Assistant offers a range of cutting-edge features that can streamline your everyday tasks and elevate efficiency. From generating tasks and composing emails to summarizing complex content and building formulas, Monday AI Assistant will transform your workspace like never before.

Monday AI Assistant Beta Features

  • Task Generation
  • Email Composing and Rephrasing
  • Complex Task Summarization
  • Building Formulas

Monday AI Assistant Marketplace

Monday AI Assistant opens up new possibilities for developers by offering access to an extensive market for AI-powered apps. Bring your innovative ideas to life and make the future of work smarter and more efficient with Monday AI Assistant.

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Visual Q&A for is an innovative AI-powered tool designed to elevate project management and team productivity by analyzing task-related images and providing visual question answering. It integrates seamlessly with, adding an extra layer of intelligence to this already robust platform. Harnessing the capabilities of Salesforce's state-of-the-art visual question-answering model, Blip, this tool allows teams to ask specific, targeted questions about visual content related to their tasks and get instant, automated responses based on an AI-powered analysis. For instance, in a construction project, photos documenting progress are often critical. With Visual Q&A, project managers can automatically analyze these images by asking questions like "Is the wall painted evenly?" or "Are the tiles laid correctly?" The AI model then scans the uploaded images and provides an answer, flagging potential issues and allowing teams to address them promptly. This drastically reduces the time required for manual checking and provides an efficient tool for quality control. In a marketing context, the tool becomes even more powerful. It can analyze design drafts, advertisement images, or campaign graphics and answer queries about specific elements. Questions like "Is the company logo clearly visible in the advertisement?" or "Does the advertisement contain any text in red?" can be answered rapidly, making it a valuable tool for ensuring brand consistency and meeting design specifications. But the applications of Visual Q&A for extend far beyond these examples. Whether it's a retail company needing to confirm if their products are displayed correctly in a store, a manufacturer checking if a machine part has been installed correctly through images, or a software company verifying the presence of specific elements in their UI/UX, Visual Q&A can provide quick and reliable answers, streamlining the task management process.

Cohesive AI

Cohesive AI

Cohesive AI is focused on bringing cohesion back into organizations by integrating sources of data across the GTM/Engineering divide that most companies face. Masking the complexity of CRMs by transparently summarizing data from customer calls, engineering feature requests, and support tickets allows employees to focus on making customers successful and in turn driving increased revenue. All the data in a single source of truth without human intervention drives better product awareness for engineering, more accurate insights for sales leadership and ultimately brings all parts of the organization closer together. Cohesive AI starts at the Customer Story powered by a Monday AI Assistant interface which uses Generative AI to create a customer story video by leveraging GPT 3.5 to summarize all of the customer activity transcripts and create prompts for is used to create consistent background images that match the emotions and content of each phase of the customer story. Generative AI allows us to provide a wholistic overview of a customer's story in an engaging way by combining data across various systems and producing an easy to watch 10 - 20 second video set against beautiful artwork. Cohesive AI currently leverages Whisper and Monday's AI Assistant interface to summarize and diarize recorded sales calls, automatically log the transcript into Monday and extract valuable insights such as relevant feature requests and potential ACV opportunities using GPT-3.5. Once the feature requests are identified, a Pinecone database loaded with all of the feature requests in Monday is leveraged to identify similar existing feature requests and automatically attach that customer as interested. Lastly, Cohesive AI provides a Monday AI Assistant interface for Product Management to easily engage with the field by notifying all relevant account teams of an interest to interview their customer.



Introducing Auracle, the revolutionary smart AI app that brings your ideas to life with a single touch. Say goodbye to tedious manual tasks and endless document searching. With Auracle, you can unleash the full potential of your imagination. Imagine having a virtual assistant that understands your vision, whether it's a groundbreaking company concept, an innovative feature, or a captivating product. Auracle effortlessly processes your project details and taps into the immense power of Large Language Models to create a world of possibilities. In a blink of an eye, Auracle generates comprehensive documents, including both functional and non-functional requirements. It captures the essence of your idea, highlighting its Unique Selling Points (USPs) that make it truly irresistible in the market. But Auracle doesn't stop there. It dives into the realm of finance, seamlessly performing financial projections, devising compelling marketing strategies, and crafting sales plans tailored specifically for your idea and your company. No more sifting through endless files or drowning in a sea of paperwork. Auracle streamlines the process, putting you in the driver's seat of success. Not only does Auracle empower you with its intelligent insights, but it also goes the extra mile. It constructs a comprehensive business plan, meticulously outlining the steps required to bring your idea to fruition. What's more, it understands the value of time. By automatically prioritizing tasks and seamlessly integrating them into a dynamic board, Auracle ensures you hit the ground running, transforming your idea into a tangible reality. Are you ready to embark on a journey of innovation, guided by the visionary prowess of Auracle? Unleash your creativity and witness the magic unfold. Your idea deserves the best. Auracle is here to make it happen.