Giving voice to the community: new features on

Friday, April 07, 2023 by Marek
Giving voice to the community: new features on

Journey so far

As we have previously mentioned we want to help everyone AI lovers grow. As all of the AI technology is getting better, we also want to step up our game and provide the best AI experience to our community.

That’s why we are organizing at least twice a month AI Hackathons with cutting edge technologies, alongside mentoring support, all necessary tech and tutorials to do so. Oh, and we wanted to know more about how the community is seeing the future of AI and the utility of created tools, that’s why we allowed them to choose one wild card finalist for every AI Hackathon.

Side Quests are live - a unique possibility to compete for amazing prizes and get recognized in categories supported by our partners.

We also launched an early accelerator program - AI slingshot - to help your projects hit the market. We also introduced a community participation program to increase the visibility of most engaged community members and help them become future AI leaders.

Yeah, that was Q1 2023, how about Q2?

Improving community engagement program

boy building a robot

We want our community not only to benefit from activity by creating AI tools and mentoring other people. We want to allow them to shape the knowledge base of AI technology, the spread of vital AI information and share their inputs on what’s happening. That’s why we rebuilt our engagement program to better serve its purpose.

Everyone can now submit their tutorials, tech updates and blog posts on our website through github. If the proposed content meets our technical criteria:

  • It’s not plagiarism - parts of it / the whole materials have not been published anywhere else before
  • Content is not AI generated - we support growth of AI, but we want to provide our community members a unique experience. If you want to create a content about prompt engineering or so - feel free to, but write the AI free parts yourself and provide your unique and valuable input
  • Content is well structured - it has a clear structure, at least three H2: one for introduction, second for the input to the topic and third to summarize everything previously mentioned. Also include H3 for every important point you make.

If your submitted tutorial / tech page / blog posts met all of those 3 requirements, then the team will review it to make sure code / facts are correct and either edit it or request some updates. Then we will do some editorial polish, and some photos and bam! You are now sharing your knowledge to over 1 000 000 people all around the world.

You can find a detailed step-by-step tutorial on how to submit your content.

Congratulations - you’re making the difference.

What’s next?

a teapot on a laptop

We can’t spill the tea, but we can announce that there are many more things coming, so join our discord server to be most up to date with everything.

But in the meantime, while doing research for your new tutorials / blog posts, you can sign up to our upcoming amazing AI Hackathons and test every solution you come up with? Or maybe you want to create a tutorial on how you connected different tech for your up?

As we’re all about free opportunities for everyone, regardless of country of origin, education and field of expertise, we encourage you to share your knowledge as well. We cannot shape the future for the benefit of everyone if solutions are not clear and solutions are open source.

Change the world with AI. Shape the future with