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Anthropic Claude

Claude is your friendly and versatile AI language model that can assist you as a company representative, research assistant, creative partner, or task automator.

Claude is Safe, Clever, and Yours. Built with safety at its core and with industry leading security practices, Claude can be customized to handle complex multi-step instructions and help you achieve your tasks.

Anthropic provides two versions of Claude. Claude and Claude instant. Claude is a state-of-the-art high-performance model. Claude instant is a lighter and much faster option.

Announcing: Claude 2

Anthropic is pleased to announce the launch of Claude 2, showcasing improved performance, longer responses and accessibility via API and a new public-facing beta website,

Claude 2 has demonstrated aptitude in coding, math, and reasoning, scoring 76.5% on the multiple choice section of the Bar exam, a significant improvement from the 73.0% scored by Claude 1.3. When tested against college students applying to graduate school, Claude 2 demonstrated advanced capabilities, scoring above the 90th percentile on the GRE reading and writing exams.

The Claude 2 API for businesses is being offered at the same price as Claude 1.3. Anyone in the US and UK can start using our beta chat experience today.

Users can input up to 100K tokens in each prompt with Claude 2. This means that Claude can process hundreds of pages of technical documentation or even a book. Claude 2 can create longer documents, from memos to letters to stories up to a few thousand tokens, all in one go.

Give Claude a try today and see how it can power up your Hackathon project!

Release dateMarch 14 2023
TypeNatural Language Processing

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Nowadays, parties to various relationships in different parts of the world resort to arbitration, mediation and other alternative methods of dispute resolution (ADR). In addition to the professionalism of the chosen candidate (e.g., arbitrator, mediator), independence and impartiality remain key. In order to analyze a candidate for this criterion, legal practitioners spend hours studying social networks, publications, etc. And even that may not be enough, as a position expressed by a person on one of many social media platforms years ago may be relevant but remain unnoticed. The problem is crucial, since a decision made by a partial arbitrator can be annulled consequently. This was the situation in the landmark case of Chinese swimmer Sun Yang v. Agence Mondiale Antidopage (AMA) and Fédération Internationale Antidopage (FIA). Agence Mondiale Antidopage (AMA) and Fédération Internationale de Natation (FINA): the award was annulled by the Swiss Federal Supreme Court because of the arbitrator's use of abusive language in a tweet towards Chinese citizens. Annulment of the award or replacement and search for a new arbitrator can increase the cost and duration of dispute resolution between the parties, which is important especially in time-sensitive matters (pending athlete decisions, large expensive infrastructure projects) as well as from a financial point of view. ArbitrAI will automate the process of searching and analyzing candidate profiles, reducing the parties' costs and ensuring a fair and impartial consideration of the case. Hackathon version is built using LLM through Relevance AI [[link](]. ArbitrAI will automate the process of searching and analyzing candidate profiles, reducing the parties' costs and ensuring a fair and impartial consideration of the case.

AI Guardian

AI Guardian

In today's digital age, online toxicity and harmful content are pressing issues that erode the quality of online interactions. AI Guardian, a revolutionary application leveraging StableCode's real-time content analysis capabilities, is designed to transform the online experience. It acts as a vigilant guardian, constantly scanning digital content for toxic language, hate speech, cyberbullying, and other harmful elements. AI Guardian goes beyond mere detection; it identifies ethical concerns in digital discourse. By analyzing text, comments, and posts in real-time, it offers users valuable ethical insights, helping them become more aware of the ethical implications of their online interactions. What sets AI Guardian apart is its commitment to empowering users. With customizable filters, users can tailor their ethical preferences, deciding what kind of content aligns with their values. Content warnings act as signposts, alerting users to potentially harmful material and providing them with the choice to proceed or avoid such content, thus granting them control over their online experience. But AI Guardian doesn't stop at detection and warning; it's also an educational resource. It offers a wealth of information and tips on responsible online behavior, enabling users to navigate the digital world ethically and safely. It aims to foster not only a safer online environment but also a more responsible and respectful digital culture. In a world where digital wellbeing is increasingly important, AI Guardian steps in as an indispensable tool. It prioritizes user data privacy, ensuring that content analysis is conducted while respecting privacy rights and regulations. It empowers users to make informed and ethical choices, promoting digital wellbeing in an age where it is needed more than ever.