Cohere Coral Hackathon: A Celebration of AI Innovation

Wednesday, December 20, 2023 by Olesia
Cohere Coral Hackathon: A Celebration of AI Innovation

The Cohere Coral Hackathon recently concluded, marking a significant achievement in the world of AI. With over two thousand expressing interest and 599 participants forming 141 teams, the event was a hub of creativity and innovation. A total of 38 AI applications were developed, showcasing the vast potential of AI in various domains.

Hackathon Challenges and Opportunities

Participants were presented with specific challenges, focusing on the best use of RAG in different modes. They were also given exclusive access to + RAG (Beta) by Cohere, enhancing API capabilities with new modes.

Prizes for the Cohere Coral Hackathon Winners šŸŽ

The event offered attractive prizes, including tech gadgets, cash awards, and credits from Cohere and Weaviate, for the top winners.

The Hackathon Winners šŸ†

The competition was fierce, but three projects stood out, claiming the top spots:

  1. BYTE - AI-Based Nutrition App: This groundbreaking app emerged as the winner, revolutionizing wellness and nutrition with its AI-driven approach. It integrates advanced technologies from Cohere, Cohere Embed, Weaviate, and LangChain.
  2. CancerAI: Securing the second place, CancerAI is a pioneering tool designed to empower bioinformatics researchers. It utilizes resources from Pubmed through Entrez, combined with AI generative models, featuring Cohere and ChatGPT integration.
  3. OrbChat - Always-On Support for your Website: Grabbing the third spot, OrbChat enhances website customer support with its AI-driven solution. It ensures uninterrupted service, allowing customers to choose between AI help and a human agent. The application is powered by technologies including Cohere, Cohere Generate, Cohere Embed, Weaviate, and LangChain.


The other Finalists Stream participants, though not in the top three, were acknowledged as finalists for their innovative contributions and the potential impact of their AI applications. Congrats to:

  • RAG Fusion with Cohere and Weaviate: Enhancing query generation and document retrieval for more accurate database matches.
  • Tadabor: Aiding in the understanding of the Quran, making its teachings more accessible to everyone.

Partners and Technologies šŸ¤

The hackathon was supported by prominent partners:

  • Coral by Cohere: A leading enterprise knowledge assistant, offering evidence-backed answers and prioritizing data security.
  • Weaviate Database: An open-source vector database designed for extensive datasets and machine learning models.
  • LangChain Framework: A library enabling the integration of large language models with various computational and knowledge sources.


The Cohere Coral Hackathon was a big success! It showed us how working together and being creative can lead to amazing things in the world of AI. We want to say a huge thank you to everyone involved ā€“ the teams, our partners, mentors, and every single person who took part. Your skills and ideas really shined and made this event special. You've all helped set the stage for exciting new projects in AI. Great job, everyone! šŸŒŸšŸ‘