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Weaviate is an open-source vector database that enables you to store data objects and vector embeddings from your preferred ML models. Moreover, it offers smooth scalability for handling billions of data objects.

TypeVector Database

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  • Weaviate Documentation Comprehensive documentation for Weaviate
  • Weaviate Quickstart In this quickstart guide, you'll discover how to build a vector database using Weaviate Cloud Services (WCS), import data, and conduct vector search.
  • WCS - Weaviate SaaS Connect to the Weaviate Cloud Services or to a local Weaviate (Keep in mind that Weaviate can also be utilized locally with Docker).

Delve into Weaviate's similarity search to quickly and accurately identify closely related data within your vector database.


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Arkimedes is a conversational AI Agent, powered by the Cohere platform, and designed to bridge Enterprises with Global Talent. It is readily already in any mobile phone (and web) at [https://t.me/ArkimedesBot], providing a new way for enterprises to attract and to be discovered by top-tier talent. For individual users, it offers a conversational interface to answer questions about their career, and to find exciting job opportunities that align with their skills and professional aspirations. Key Features include: - Starts in a narrow niche: Jobs within the AI and ML sectors at companies like Cohere, Waavi, Anthropic, Mistral, Lamini, and The AI Institute. - Turbo Search: Implements an Ultra Fast Semantic Job Search - built with Cohere embed-v3, Cohere Summarize and a vector store (Weaviate). - Chat Mode: Engage with a personal AI Career Agent to discover trending skills, scout companies in an area, understand salary scales, and get insights on the research topics companies are working on, and scout companies - developed with Cohere Chat grounded on our custom Connector. - Custom Connector: Enhands the Command model with a knowledge-base of current Job postings - built with Cohere, this component supports composability enabling to build other Apps on top. - Telegram Bot Integration (https://t.me/ArkimedesBot): Reduces friction to the minimum, and makes this AI Career Agent seamlessly available to over 550 million mobile users at one click. Built for AI Founders/Radical Ventures Hackathon 2024