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Language models give computers the ability to search by meaning and go beyond searching by matching keywords. This capability is called semantic search.

Popular use case of semantic search is building a next generation web search engine. Impressive, but the applications of semantic search go beyond that! They can empower a private search engine for internal documents or records. They can be used to power features like StackOverflow's "similar questions" feature. And you can build many more things with it.

Semantic search is the most successful with text sources where the answer to a query is likely to be in a single, concrete paragraph, such as technical documentation or wikis which are organized as a list of instructions or facts.

Relese dateDecember 12, 2022
TypeLanguage model

Cohere Neural Search has a rich ecosystem of libraries and resources to help you get started. We have collected the best Cohere Neural Search libraries and resources to help you get started to build with Cohere Neural Search today. To see what others are building with Cohere Neural Search, check out the community built Cohere Neural Search Use Cases and Applications.

Cohere Semantic Search Sandbox

We encourage you to explore semantic search with Basic Semantic Search notebook, Cohere’s docs and Toy Semantic Search sandbox. Sandbox is a collection of experimental, open-source GitHub repositories by Cohere that make building applications for developers fast and easy, regardless of ML experience.

Text embeddings are a central component in machine language understanding. They are numeric representations of text (be it a document, an email, or even a sentence). An embedding model translates text into a list of numbers that capture its meaning. A multilingual embedding model is able to do that well for many languages.