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Cohere Embed

Gain more in-depth insights into language through numerical representation. Cohere Embed categorizes and evaluates text algorithmically to quickly extract meaning. Use Cohere Embed for semantic search, topic modeling, recommendations and multilingual embedding.

With Cohere Embed, you can embed content in more than 100 languages with high performance and accuracy.

Relese dateNovember 15, 2021
TypeAutoregressive, Transformer, Language model

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    • Cohere Node This package provides functionality developed to simplify interfacing with the natural language API. This SDK provides support for both TypeScript and JavaScript Node.js projects.
    • Cohere Go This package provides functionality developed to simplify interfacing with the natural language API in Go.
    • Cohere Python This package provides functionality developed to simplify interfacing with the Cohere API in Python 3.
    • Cohere Ruby This package provides functionality developed to simplify interfacing with the NLP API in Ruby.

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    BYTE - AI-Based Nutrition App

    BYTE - AI-Based Nutrition App

    Transform Your Diet with Our AI-Powered Nutrition App: Discover personalized dietary guidance with our innovative app, combining AI technology and personalized nutrition. Tailored to enhance your health and wellness, our app caters to your unique dietary needs and goals. Key Features: Personal Health Profiling: Input your health details, including allergies, weight goals, and exercise habits. Upload medical documents for an in-depth analysis. Instant Nutritional Label Analysis: Scan food labels to understand their nutritional content instantly. Customized AI Dietary Advice: Using Weaviate's vector database, our AI algorithm provides personalized dietary recommendations based on your health data and food label information. Personalized Internet-Enabled Suggestions: Coral, our intelligent chatbot, uses's RAG connector to retrieve tailored nutritional information and user data, ensuring responses that meet your specific dietary needs. Healthier Product Alternatives: The app employs's RAG search-query-generator and Google's Custom Search API to find better-suited food products on Amazon, aligning with your health profile. Data Security and Privacy: Weaviate's multi-tenancy feature ensures the protection of your personal information through secure session tokens. Streamlined User Interface: Our Streamlit-powered interface provides an intuitive and seamless user experience. Robust Heroku Backend: Hosted on Heroku, the app guarantees reliable and scalable performance. Purpose: This app is your pocket-sized dietitian, simplifying nutrition labels into actionable advice. Whether managing allergies, pursuing weight goals, or enhancing athletic performance, our app offers a spectrum of dietary solutions through cutting-edge AI and comprehensive data analysis.

    Chat with Your Football Scouter

    Chat with Your Football Scouter

    We use 2022-2023 Football Player Stats from Kaggle. The data encompasses nearly 2500 players across Premier League, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, Serie A, and La Liga. Covering 125 metrics, ranging from basic player information such as name, age, and nation, to performance statistics like goals and pass completion rates, our dataset is extensive and diverse. To harness and organize this wealth of information, we leverage Cohere Embedding and Weaviate Cloud Service (WCS), employing vector transformation, storage, and indexing. The focal points of our application are the Chat and Compare Player features, each powered by advanced language models, including Cohere and ChatCohere. Both functionalities employ Retrieval-augmented Generation (RAG) techniques, albeit with distinct details and components. For the Chat feature, we've constructed a compressor retriever using Cohere Rag Retriever, incorporating a web-search connector and CohereRerank as a compressor. Within the ConversationBufferMemory chain, this chain processes chat history (a list of messages) and new questions, ultimately delivering a response. The algorithm in this chain comprises three key steps: first, the creation of a "standalone question" using chat history and the new question; second, passing this question to the retriever to fetch relevant documents; and finally, utilizing the retrieved documents in conjunction with either the new question or the original question and chat history to generate a comprehensive response. Conversely, the Player Comparison feature utilizes the Weaviate Hybrid Search Retriever to extract statistical data of players by their names from WCS. Through an LLM chain, we then summarize this data and generate a comprehensive report based on the retrieved documents. Our approach ensures a robust and dynamic platform for users seeking nuanced insights into player performances across top football leagues.

    AI Research Copilot

    AI Research Copilot

    Welcome to AI Research Copilot, your indispensable tool for navigating the vast world of academia with unparalleled ease and efficiency. Imagine a virtual companion that not only simplifies the complexities of research but enhances your entire academic journey. 1. Intelligent Paper Conversations: Engage in insightful conversations with research papers through our unique chat feature. No more deciphering dense paragraphs—our AI transforms the experience into a dynamic dialogue, making knowledge extraction an interactive and engaging process. 2. Swift Literature Search: Say goodbye to hours spent scouring databases. Our advanced search functionality, powered by Cohere LLMs and Semantic Scholar connector(based on semantic scholar API), revolutionizes literature searches. Experience the speed and precision of AI-driven discovery, ensuring you find relevant academic information in record time. 4. Cohere LLM Integration: Harness the power of Cohere LLMs to enhance your understanding of research papers. Our integration brings cutting-edge language models into play, providing you with valuable insights and context that transcend traditional comprehension. 5. Academic Discovery Simplified: AI Research Copilot is not just an app; it's your academic ally. We understand the challenges of staying current and navigating the ever-expanding landscape of scholarly information. Let us guide you through the vast sea of knowledge, ensuring you stay on the forefront of your field. Embark on a new era of academic exploration with AI Research Copilot. Revolutionize the way you engage with research papers, discover knowledge, and stay ahead in your field. Your academic success is just a conversation away—let AI Research Copilot be your guide to a world of limitless possibilities.