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Gain more in-depth insights into language through numerical representation. Cohere Embed categorizes and evaluates text algorithmically to quickly extract meaning. Use Cohere Embed for semantic search, topic modeling, recommendations and multilingual embedding.

With Cohere Embed, you can embed content in more than 100 languages with high performance and accuracy.

Relese dateNovember 15, 2021
TypeAutoregressive, Transformer, Language model

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    • Cohere Node This package provides functionality developed to simplify interfacing with the natural language API. This SDK provides support for both TypeScript and JavaScript Node.js projects.
    • Cohere Go This package provides functionality developed to simplify interfacing with the natural language API in Go.
    • Cohere Python This package provides functionality developed to simplify interfacing with the Cohere API in Python 3.
    • Cohere Ruby This package provides functionality developed to simplify interfacing with the NLP API in Ruby.

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    Introducing Quranic, an innovative AI-powered application designed to provide users with a comprehensive and precise understanding of the Holy Qur'an. Leveraging advanced technologies such as Aya-101 and Cohere Embed via Cohere API, Quranic offers unparalleled translation and transcription capabilities, ensuring an immersive and insightful exploration of the sacred text. At the heart of Quranic lies its cutting-edge AI engine, which meticulously indexes the entire Holy Qur'an, enabling users to access any verse with ease. Whether seeking guidance, inspiration, or scholarly insight, users can navigate through the vast repository of knowledge within the Qur'an effortlessly. One of the standout features of Quranic is its precise translation functionality. Through the integration of sophisticated language processing algorithms, the app delivers translations of Qur'anic verses with remarkable accuracy, capturing the nuances and subtleties of the original text. Users can choose from a variety of languages to explore the Qur'an in their preferred tongue, breaking down language barriers and fostering a deeper connection to the divine message. Moreover, Quranic offers transcription services powered by Aya-101, an advanced AI model trained specifically for Qur'anic text. This ensures that users can listen to and recite verses with utmost clarity and authenticity, enhancing their spiritual experience and aiding in memorization efforts. The Cohere Embed integration further enriches the Quranic experience by providing contextual understanding and cross-referencing capabilities. By tapping into Cohere's powerful semantic search capabilities, users can explore connections between different verses, themes, and concepts within the Qur'an, gaining deeper insights into its timeless wisdom. With Quranic, users can personalize their study sessions and tailor their exploration of the Qur'an to suit their preferences and learning objectives.



    Arkimedes is a conversational AI Agent, powered by the Cohere platform, and designed to bridge Enterprises with Global Talent. It is readily already in any mobile phone (and web) at [], providing a new way for enterprises to attract and to be discovered by top-tier talent. For individual users, it offers a conversational interface to answer questions about their career, and to find exciting job opportunities that align with their skills and professional aspirations. Key Features include: - Starts in a narrow niche: Jobs within the AI and ML sectors at companies like Cohere, Waavi, Anthropic, Mistral, Lamini, and The AI Institute. - Turbo Search: Implements an Ultra Fast Semantic Job Search - built with Cohere embed-v3, Cohere Summarize and a vector store (Weaviate). - Chat Mode: Engage with a personal AI Career Agent to discover trending skills, scout companies in an area, understand salary scales, and get insights on the research topics companies are working on, and scout companies - developed with Cohere Chat grounded on our custom Connector. - Custom Connector: Enhands the Command model with a knowledge-base of current Job postings - built with Cohere, this component supports composability enabling to build other Apps on top. - Telegram Bot Integration ( Reduces friction to the minimum, and makes this AI Career Agent seamlessly available to over 550 million mobile users at one click. Built for AI Founders/Radical Ventures Hackathon 2024

    BYTE - AI-Based Nutrition App

    BYTE - AI-Based Nutrition App

    Transform Your Diet with Our AI-Powered Nutrition App: Discover personalized dietary guidance with our innovative app, combining AI technology and personalized nutrition. Tailored to enhance your health and wellness, our app caters to your unique dietary needs and goals. Key Features: Personal Health Profiling: Input your health details, including allergies, weight goals, and exercise habits. Upload medical documents for an in-depth analysis. Instant Nutritional Label Analysis: Scan food labels to understand their nutritional content instantly. Customized AI Dietary Advice: Using Weaviate's vector database, our AI algorithm provides personalized dietary recommendations based on your health data and food label information. Personalized Internet-Enabled Suggestions: Coral, our intelligent chatbot, uses's RAG connector to retrieve tailored nutritional information and user data, ensuring responses that meet your specific dietary needs. Healthier Product Alternatives: The app employs's RAG search-query-generator and Google's Custom Search API to find better-suited food products on Amazon, aligning with your health profile. Data Security and Privacy: Weaviate's multi-tenancy feature ensures the protection of your personal information through secure session tokens. Streamlined User Interface: Our Streamlit-powered interface provides an intuitive and seamless user experience. Robust Heroku Backend: Hosted on Heroku, the app guarantees reliable and scalable performance. Purpose: This app is your pocket-sized dietitian, simplifying nutrition labels into actionable advice. Whether managing allergies, pursuing weight goals, or enhancing athletic performance, our app offers a spectrum of dietary solutions through cutting-edge AI and comprehensive data analysis.