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Christian Boy@Skandie


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My background is varied with experience in Start-Ups, Business development, Project management, CSR and my network within the Start-Up & Innovation industry. 🚀 With a focus on Venture Building of Impact Driven startups.


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    Global Voice

    Global Voice is a powerful language translation tool that allows businesses and organizations to easily translate audio and video content into multiple languages and dialects. Our platform is designed to be user-friendly, efficient, and effective, helping our customers communicate more effectively with their global audiences. Our platform utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to deliver accurate translations quickly and efficiently. We support a wide range of file formats of audio and video files. With Global Voice, users can easily upload their content, choose the target languages, and receive high-quality translations in minutes.

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    Fluffy Studio

    Our AI-powered app transforms your pet’s photo into a creative portrait in minutes! With a wide range of painted effects to select from, you can turn any photo of your beloved pet into a gallery-worthy masterpiece. Whether you want to turn your pet into a Van Gogh-style masterpiece or a medieval portrait, our app has got you covered. You can even transform your pet’s photo into a bespoke piece of wall art that will look great in any room of your home. Our app uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to create stunning portraits of your pet that capture their unique personality and spirit. Try it now and see how easy it is to create an artistic portrait of your cat or dog that you’ll cherish for years to come!


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    Build your AI Startup Hackathon. Episode 2

    🛠️ 7 days of Learning and Building 🤝 Come with your team or find one during the Hackathon 🦾 Free access to Generative AI models and Tech Tutorials 🏅 Win a place in the Early Stage StartUp Accelerator program 🚀 Join community of AI experts

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    Stable Diffusion 2.0 AI Hackathon

    🔥 7 days Hackathon 🦾 The first Stable Diffusion XL hackathon ✨ Even more models available! Use GPT-4, ChatGPT, Whisper, Cohere and AI21 and more! 🛠️ Incorporate Stable Diffusion 2.0 and Vercel software to your projects 🚀 Create your complete product MVP 🤝 Find co-founders and mentors on the platform


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