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ElevenLabs is a voice technology research company, developing the most compelling AI speech software for publishers and creators. The goal is to instantly convert spoken audio between languages. ElevenLabs was founded in 2022 by best friends: Piotr, an ex-Google machine learning engineer, and Mati, an ex-Palantir deployment strategist. It's backed by Credo Ventures, Concept Ventures and other angel investors, founders, strategic operators and former executives from the industry.

Release date2022
TypeVoice technology research


Speech Synthesis

Speech Synthesis tool lets you convert any writing to professional audio. Powered by a deep learning model, Speech Synthesis lets you voice anything from a single sentence to a whole book in top quality, at a fraction of the time and resources traditionally involved in recording.


Design entirely new synthetic voices or clone your own voice. The generative AI model lets you create completely new voices from scratch, while the voice cloning model learns any speech profile from just a minute of audio.


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CareLink AI-Telecom Operation and Customer Support

CareLink AI-Telecom Operation and Customer Support

CareLink is an innovative AI-powered solution poised to revolutionize the telecom industry's customer service and operational landscape. Powered by an array of cutting-edge AI technologies, such as natural language processing (NLP), ClarifAI's recognition and analysis, LLAMA2 integration for enriched interactions, and speech recognition for multi-channel accessibility, CareLink emerges as a transformative force in redefining the dynamics of customer support. At its core, CareLink addresses the evolving demands of telecom companies seeking to elevate customer interactions, optimize workflows, and enhance resource allocation. Anchored by AI-driven agents, the solution offers real-time technical issue resolution, ensuring customers receive swift, personalized troubleshooting. LLAMA2's integrated NLP enables agents to grasp user intent accurately, yielding contextually relevant responses mirroring human-like interactions. The revolutionary ClarifAI technology empowers CareLink with unprecedented issue categorization and routing efficiency. Smart ticketing directs each problem to the most suitable agent, backed by historical data for optimized technician allocation. A hallmark of CareLink is its seamless transition across voice and chat channels, ensuring consistent, context-rich interactions. Speech recognition integration further enhances customer accessibility. The solution's architecture, designed for scalability and customization, caters to telecom firms of varied sizes and complexities. Moreover, CareLink's pioneering position as an AI-driven telecom customer support solution offers a distinctive first-mover advantage, appealing to forward-looking telecoms aiming to stand out through superior customer support. In essence, CareLink empowers telecom companies to enhance customer experiences, streamline operations, and harness the potential of AI-derived insights.

AI Guardian

AI Guardian

In today's digital age, online toxicity and harmful content are pressing issues that erode the quality of online interactions. AI Guardian, a revolutionary application leveraging StableCode's real-time content analysis capabilities, is designed to transform the online experience. It acts as a vigilant guardian, constantly scanning digital content for toxic language, hate speech, cyberbullying, and other harmful elements. AI Guardian goes beyond mere detection; it identifies ethical concerns in digital discourse. By analyzing text, comments, and posts in real-time, it offers users valuable ethical insights, helping them become more aware of the ethical implications of their online interactions. What sets AI Guardian apart is its commitment to empowering users. With customizable filters, users can tailor their ethical preferences, deciding what kind of content aligns with their values. Content warnings act as signposts, alerting users to potentially harmful material and providing them with the choice to proceed or avoid such content, thus granting them control over their online experience. But AI Guardian doesn't stop at detection and warning; it's also an educational resource. It offers a wealth of information and tips on responsible online behavior, enabling users to navigate the digital world ethically and safely. It aims to foster not only a safer online environment but also a more responsible and respectful digital culture. In a world where digital wellbeing is increasingly important, AI Guardian steps in as an indispensable tool. It prioritizes user data privacy, ensuring that content analysis is conducted while respecting privacy rights and regulations. It empowers users to make informed and ethical choices, promoting digital wellbeing in an age where it is needed more than ever.



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