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ElevenLabs is a voice technology research company, developing the most compelling AI speech software for publishers and creators. The goal is to instantly convert spoken audio between languages. ElevenLabs was founded in 2022 by best friends: Piotr, an ex-Google machine learning engineer, and Mati, an ex-Palantir deployment strategist. It's backed by Credo Ventures, Concept Ventures and other angel investors, founders, strategic operators and former executives from the industry.

Release date2022
TypeVoice technology research


Speech Synthesis

Speech Synthesis tool lets you convert any writing to professional audio. Powered by a deep learning model, Speech Synthesis lets you voice anything from a single sentence to a whole book in top quality, at a fraction of the time and resources traditionally involved in recording.


Design entirely new synthetic voices or clone your own voice. The generative AI model lets you create completely new voices from scratch, while the voice cloning model learns any speech profile from just a minute of audio.


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AI for Poverty Reduction

AI for Poverty Reduction

Introducing our revolutionary AI-powered application designed to bridge the gap between impoverished individuals and compassionate donors: The Poverty Alleviation Connector. In a world where economic disparities persist, our platform serves as a beacon of hope, facilitating direct connections and fostering tangible support for those in need. At the heart of our application lies a simple yet powerful concept: empowering individuals to make a difference. Through our user-friendly interface, impoverished individuals can create profiles, sharing their stories, challenges, and aspirations with the world. By highlighting their unique circumstances, they not only raise awareness but also establish a personal connection with potential donors. For donors seeking to make a meaningful impact, our platform offers a curated selection of profiles, each representing a compelling narrative of struggle and resilience. Whether driven by personal experiences, philanthropic values, or a desire to effect change, donors can browse through profiles at their leisure, selecting individuals or causes that resonate with them on a profound level. Crucially, my application provides multiple avenues for support. Donors have the flexibility to contribute directly to individuals in need, providing financial assistance, resources, or guidance tailored to their specific circumstances. Alternatively, donors can choose to contribute to a centralized fund, where our team ensures equitable distribution to those most in need, optimizing the impact of each donation. What sets us apart is our commitment to transparency, accountability, and community-driven solutions. Through advanced AI algorithms, we verify the authenticity of profiles, safeguarding against fraudulent or misrepresented cases. Moreover, we provide regular updates and progress reports, allowing donors to track the impact of their contributions and witness firsthand the transformative power of collective action.

Chatting with Historical Icons

Chatting with Historical Icons

Project Proposal The project's objective is to transform reading for children with learning disabilities using a Generative AI application built on the Clarifai platform, creating a "Branching Reading Adventure." It's designed to assist children with Visual Impairment, Dyslexia, ADHD, Auditory Processing Disorder, Language Disorders, and Cognitive Disabilities. Core Features: Interactive Story Creation: Utilizing CrewAI, this application turns a child's ideas into personalized learning adventures, encouraging them to become story creators. Rich Story Elements: Using Clarifai's AI, the app generates diverse story elements (images, audio, text) to create an immersive, multi-sensory reading experience. Dynamic Story Branching: The app integrates Clarifai's object identification and Chat Vision GPT-4 for real-time, interactive story alterations, enhancing engagement. Adaptive Learning Loops: It continuously loops through stories, allowing children to learn at their own pace and in a relaxed environment. Progress Evaluation Tools: For the future we plan to incorporate Clarifai's RAG system, to include tools for educators and caregivers to track progress and identify learning needs. Project Impact: "Branching Reading Adventure" aims to foster an inclusive and adaptable learning space, offering new possibilities for children limited by traditional learning methods. It focuses on both educational and emotional development, enhancing self-confidence in children with learning disabilities. Conclusion: Aligned with the hackathon's theme 'Empowering Learning Through Technology', this proposal represents a significant step towards inclusive education. The team is enthusiastic about its potential impact and looks forward to developing this innovative application.

EyeCue - Inspiring Recruiting Videos by AI

EyeCue - Inspiring Recruiting Videos by AI

Problem Statement: Traditional recruitment methods fail to engage a significant segment of the workforce: those not actively seeking new opportunities but willing to consider a change. This oversight results in a vast untapped resource, widening the employee gap in many companies. Solution: EyeCue is the solution to this challenge, utilizing AI-generated videos to capture the attention of both active and passive candidates. Our targeted approach focuses on regions and job clusters, highlighting top job offerings and attracting a diverse pool of talent. How It Works: * Research-Based Strategy: EyeCue begins with an in-depth analysis of a company's unique attributes, based on employee reviews and company culture insights. * Image Selection and Evaluation: AI technology curates and evaluates images to best represent the company, focusing on visual appeal to both active and passive candidates. * Storyboard and Content Creation: An AI-generated storyboard is developed, ensuring the video content is engaging and relevant to the targeted audience. * Voiceover Integration: AI-generated voiceovers are added to enhance engagement and relay the company's message effectively. * Social Media-Optimized Videos: The final product is an engaging video, optimized for social media platforms, designed to capture the attention of potential candidates, including those not actively seeking new opportunities. Benefits: * Engages Passive Candidates: Captures the attention of a vast segment of potential candidates who are not actively job searching. * Bridges the Employee Gap: By inspiring passive candidates, EyeCue addresses the employee gap many companies face. * Cost-Efficient and Time-Saving: Automates the recruitment process, reducing reliance on traditional methods. * Targeted and Effective: Focuses on specific regions and job clusters for more effective recruitment. * Increased Reach and Engagement: Leverages social media to reach a broader audience.



Noobies.ai is an innovative content creation platform designed to revolutionize the way creators bring their ideas to life. With a seamless blend of cutting-edge technology and user-friendly features, Noobies.ai simplifies the creative process, making it accessible to everyone, from seasoned content creators to beginners exploring their artistic side. Key Features: Blog To Blog: Transform any news article or topic into a professionally crafted, SEO-friendly blog post effortlessly. User-friendly interface: Simply paste a link, check the "generate image" box for added visual appeal, and watch as Noobies.ai works its magic. Versatile output formats: Download your blogs in markdown, JSON, or other preferred formats for easy integration across platforms. Topic to Blog: Type in any topic, and let Noobies.ai generate a blog that showcases your ideas with endless possibilities: Explore diverse topics and let the platform spark your creativity, making you look like a seasoned wordsmith. Topic to Video: Elevate your content with engaging videos that bring your ideas to life.Give noobies.ai a topic, and it will generate a video that will have realistic voiceovers, and AI generated images that will make your content stand out. Video to Video: Want to make videos like some of your favorite creators? Noobies.ai has you covered. Simply paste a link to a video, and let the platform generate a video that will have realistic voiceovers, and AI generated images that will make your content stand out.