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Clarifai's groundbreaking technology aims to bring The World’s AI(™) to developers and data scientists around the globe. One of the first deep learning platforms since its establishment in 2013 by Matthew Zeiler, Ph.D, a distinguished expert in the realm of machine learning, the company has consistently set high benchmarks in the AI industry.

Prior to founding Clarifai, Dr. Zeiler took the top five places in image classification at the 2013 ImageNet Challenge. By 2019, Clarifai had made such a significant impact that it was recognized as a leader in Forrester’s New Wave Computer Vision Platforms report, making it the sole startup to attain a differentiated rating. In 2022 Clarifai launched a new free service – Clarifai Community – designed to empower everyone to create, share and use The World's AI. That same year Clarifai further solidified its reputation when IDC MarketScape acknowledged it as a leader in Computer Vision AI Platforms. In 2023, Gartner named Clarifai a niche player in the Magic Quadrant for Cloud AI Developer Services for the third year in a row.

Catering to the entire AI developmental life cycle, today Clarifai provides an AI platform for unstructured image, video, text, and audio data. The platform supports data exploration, data labeling, model training, evaluation and inference, and deployment. Clarifai enables users to implement AI technology into their products via API, Mobile SDK, and/or on-premise solutions.


  • Platform:
  • Release date: 2013
  • Founder: Matthew Zeiler, Ph.D.
  • Type: AI-powered software platform
  • Achievements: Winner of the top five places in image classification at the ImageNet 2013 competition, Recognized as a leader in Forrester’s New Wave Computer Vision Platforms in 2019, Computer Vision AI Platforms by IDC MarketScape in 2022, and Gartner CAIDS ‘21-’23.

Flexible Deployment

Clarifai is known for its flexible deployment options, allowing users to choose from an array of platforms, be it any cloud such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud, or on bare-metal with options for air-gapped setups and on-edge deployments.

AI Lake

Clarifai's AI Lake is designed to enhance AI adoption and its reusability across enterprises. It has features such as:

  • Storing and analyzing vast amounts of data objects.
  • Auto-indexing your data using AI.
  • Tracking the lineage and versioning of all AI assets.

Centralized and Secure AI

The platform offers centralized and secure AI functionalities that employ foundation models to simplify the machine learning model development and deployment process. It provides an efficient structure to organize, share, and reuse all AI resources.

Data Labeling with Scribe

Data labeling has never been more streamlined:

  • Automated data labeling upon data ingestion.
  • Scalability to cater to labeling projects of any magnitude.
  • Intuitive labeling and reviewer user interfaces to optimize the quality and quantity of annotations.

Open, Reusable Building Blocks

Clarifai’s fully-integrated AI platform brings forth a wide variety of machine learning products and services that seamlessly collaborate to produce AI on an impressive scale:

  • AI Lake: A central repository for all AI assets.
  • Spacetime: Enables vector and input searching.
  • Enlight: Fine-tune any open-source or third-party model with ease.
  • **Mesh: **Connect models to create more complex logic.
  • Armada: Instantaneously deploy your models for production.
  • Modules: Effortlessly deploy Streamlit-powered UIs in your apps or on top of Clarifai's Portal.

Start Building with Clarifai

Clarifai provides an extensive range of libraries and resources to assist developers in embarking on their AI journey. Dive into a vibrant ecosystem and see what others are creating using Clarifai’s cutting-edge technology. For a deeper understanding and tutorials, explore the dedicated sections on Clarifai's official website.

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Neurolitiks Politics with Multi-AI Integration

Neurolitiks Politics with Multi-AI Integration

NeuroLitiks is more than a digital tool; it's the future of political innovation. In today's world, city administrators are buried under immense data, desperately trying to identify the best path forward amidst a cloud of uncertainty. Enter Neurolitiks. Powered by state-of-the-art technologies like Expert.ia, OpenAI, Lang Chain, and Neo4j databases, our platform now integrates multiple machine learning models, including Llama 2 and Falcon, offering unparalleled analytics and insights. This fusion of technologies empowers us to discern vital information that might otherwise remain hidden or overwhelming. The rationale behind harnessing multiple AI systems? City management and policy-making are intricate, with countless interwoven threads. A singular analytical approach can't grasp this vastness. But our multi-AI setup, featuring Llama 2 and Falcon, can, facilitating a comprehensive, rounded understanding of city issues, allowing for pinpoint historical accuracy, real-time adaptability, and visionary future predictions. Initially targeting the health and education sectors in urban hubs—a $1.8 million slice of a more expansive $100 million market—Neurolitiks is not merely another digital system. It's a catalyst for monumental urban evolution. Our blend of superior databases and diverse AI models can process and decode complexity like no other, bestowing city leaders with the power to make data-driven, transformative decisions. Our mission goes beyond mere data interpretation; we aim to impart wisdom, transforming raw data into tangible strategies that can reshape city landscapes and improve the lives of their residents.

Business Llama

Business Llama

📣 Exciting News from Business Llama! 📈 🚀 We're thrilled to introduce "Business Llama: Optimized for Social Engagement," our latest project that's set to transform the way you approach business planning and go-to-market (GTM) strategies. 🌟 🤖 With the power of advanced, fine-tuned models, driven by the renowned Clarifai platform, we're taking your business strategies to the next level. Here's what you can expect: 🎯 Enhanced Decision-Making: Make smarter, data-driven decisions that lead to business success. 📊 Improved Business Plans: Develop robust and realistic plans backed by deep insights. 🌐 Optimized Go-to-Market Strategies: Reach your target audience more effectively than ever before. 🏆 Competitive Advantage: Stay ahead in the market by adapting quickly to changing conditions. 💰 Resource Efficiency: Maximize resource allocation and reduce costs. 🤝 Personalization: Tailor your offerings to individual customer preferences. ⚙️ Scalability: Apply successful strategies across various products and markets. 🛡️ Risk Mitigation: Identify and address potential risks proactively. 🔄 Continuous Improvement: Keep your strategies aligned with evolving market conditions. Join us on this journey to elevate your business game! 🚀 Stay tuned for updates and exciting insights. The future of business planning and GTM strategies is here, and it's more engaging than ever. 🌐💼 #BusinessLlama #SocialEngagement #DataDrivenDecisions #Clarifai #GTMStrategies

PropLlama ai

PropLlama ai is a real estate platform designed to transform the daunting and intricate task of navigating the property landscape into a seamless and enjoyable experience. Our platform features an intelligent chatbot that understands, remembers, and responds to your queries like a trusted friend, making it feel like you are having a meaningful conversation with a property confidant rather than just another chatbot. Additionally, our platform offers 24/7 chat support with a team of seasoned experts, personalized property searches, insightful decision-making support, comprehensive assistance throughout the property acquisition process, and meticulous legal compliance support. This includes everything from document verification to crafting customized lease agreements. With, you get convenience, speed, and accuracy at your fingertips, making it your ultimate real estate companion and doubt resolver. Say goodbye to data overload, questionable broker integrity, and the stress of legalities. PropLlama is here to guide you through it all. The core of is powered by the Llama-13b-alternative chat model(tested with Llama-70b too) and Clarifai. It enables the chatbot to understand the context of a conversation, remember previous interactions, and generate human-like responses. It can also process text data, such as property descriptions, legal documents, and news articles, to extract relevant information and provide personalized recommendations to users. Langchain Agents and LLMs- Various tools which were built using Llama and Clarifai for variety of class of queries were intergrated using Langchain agents. LangChain is a framework designed to simplify the creation of applications using large language models (LLMs) In summary, leverages advanced technologies, such as the Llama-13b-alternative chat model, Clarifai platform, Llama-70b model for testing, and Langchain agents and LLMs,