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Stable Dreamfusion

Stable-Dreamfusion is an avant-garde PyTorch implementation that seamlessly integrates text-to-3D modeling by synergizing the Stable Diffusion text-to-2D model with Dreamfusion technology.

Enabling the translation of textual content into rich 3D visuals, this cutting-edge model leverages a latent diffusion approach and a multi-resolution grid encoder to offer rapid rendering. While it offers groundbreaking potential in fields like 3D gaming, virtual reality, and film production, it's important to note that the current version contains differences from the original paper, resulting in varying generation quality.

With ongoing development and exciting recent support for Perp-Neg, Stable-Dreamfusion stands as a promising frontier in 3D AI technologies.

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EyeCue - Inspiring Recruiting Videos by AI

EyeCue - Inspiring Recruiting Videos by AI

Problem Statement: Traditional recruitment methods fail to engage a significant segment of the workforce: those not actively seeking new opportunities but willing to consider a change. This oversight results in a vast untapped resource, widening the employee gap in many companies. Solution: EyeCue is the solution to this challenge, utilizing AI-generated videos to capture the attention of both active and passive candidates. Our targeted approach focuses on regions and job clusters, highlighting top job offerings and attracting a diverse pool of talent. How It Works: * Research-Based Strategy: EyeCue begins with an in-depth analysis of a company's unique attributes, based on employee reviews and company culture insights. * Image Selection and Evaluation: AI technology curates and evaluates images to best represent the company, focusing on visual appeal to both active and passive candidates. * Storyboard and Content Creation: An AI-generated storyboard is developed, ensuring the video content is engaging and relevant to the targeted audience. * Voiceover Integration: AI-generated voiceovers are added to enhance engagement and relay the company's message effectively. * Social Media-Optimized Videos: The final product is an engaging video, optimized for social media platforms, designed to capture the attention of potential candidates, including those not actively seeking new opportunities. Benefits: * Engages Passive Candidates: Captures the attention of a vast segment of potential candidates who are not actively job searching. * Bridges the Employee Gap: By inspiring passive candidates, EyeCue addresses the employee gap many companies face. * Cost-Efficient and Time-Saving: Automates the recruitment process, reducing reliance on traditional methods. * Targeted and Effective: Focuses on specific regions and job clusters for more effective recruitment. * Increased Reach and Engagement: Leverages social media to reach a broader audience.