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    Fuyu-8B Model

    Fuyu-8B, developed by Adept AI, is a cutting-edge multi-modal text and image transformer tailored specifically for digital agents. Released in Month XX, 20XX, this model is optimized for swift response times (under 100 milliseconds) while excelling in a range of image-related tasks.

    AuthorAdept AI
    RepositoryFuyu-8B on HuggingFace
    TypeMulti-modal text and image transformer

    Model Capabilities

    Fuyu-8B is engineered to empower digital agents with a diverse set of capabilities, including:

    • Image-Related Queries: Efficient handling of image-related queries and tasks.
    • Fine-Grained Image Localization: Precision in identifying and localizing elements within images.
    • Rapid Responses for Large Images: Swift and accurate responses even with large-sized images.

    Technology Tutorials

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