OpenAI Stack Hack: winner announcement

Tuesday, March 14, 2023 by Marek
OpenAI Stack Hack: winner announcement

Biggest’s AI Hackathon is over!

The biggest AI Hackathon (so far!) organized by is over. During a 7 day event a huge number of people from all around the world united to build something mesmerizing, something which might change the future, something that will solve the world's problems with the help of AI.

All of the teams were building using the newest cutting edge AI technologies, such as Whisper, GPT-3, DALL-E 2, Codex, ChatGPT and more and the results are pretty amazing!

We saw almost 100 projects which were dedicated to changing the health industry, business, creative and many many more. AI technology is in and we encourage everyone to embrace it.

Let’s look at the numbers!

group of people building together

If you can’t wait, watch Vod of our AI stream, where all of the teams pitched their projects and judges revealed who won. But if you’re patient, we want to briefly show you the stake (despite the possibility to change the world forever) there was in this biggest AIHackathon, alongside with a sneak peek into statistics.

It was the second AI Hackathon, in which the winning team won a spot in our unique slingshot program - early stage acceleration program. Also there were cash prizes for 3 best teams, credit pages and of course -’s swag!

But despite of breathtaking prizes that will take your projects to the next level (with exposure, credit packages, slingshot program and an influx of cash) all of the participants could work arm in arm with an incredible community of AI innovators, creators and builders from all around the world to change the world as we know it!

Ok, let’s dive into the numbers:

7315 participants from all over the world!

506 teams created by members of the community from different time zones, field of expertise, background and skill level!

88 working prototypes submitted!!!!

The submitted projects were evaluated by the judges using, by such criteria:

  • Degree of completion

  • Presentation Style

  • Applicability

  • Business value

  • Degree of Innovation

  • Originality

  • Technology

  • Realistic Capability Impact – How unique is it?

  • Overall Impression

So don’t wait any longer - let’s meet the 3 best projects, alongside 5 finalists!

First place - Mars Mail

robot with tablet

The winners of the biggest’s AI Hackathon (so far) created an AI-powered email assistant.

“[...] Finding the right balance between professionalism and appropriate tone can be difficult, and non-native English speakers may struggle to communicate their ideas in a way that is both clear and culturally sensitive. Mars Mail addresses these pain points by providing an AI-powered email assistant that helps non-native English speakers in East Asia quickly and efficiently produce high-quality, context-appropriate, and polite responses for their business emails.[...]”

Second place - Youcademy

robot teacher

The judges were amazed by a platform to revolutionize the learning industry!

“Youcademy is a revolutionary platform that has the potential transform the learning industry. Our mission is to provide personalized, engaging and effective learning experiences to people worldwide, using the latest technology in AI and the science of learning. At Youcademy, we understand that every learner is unique, with different interests, backgrounds, and learning styles. That's why we've developed a platform that adapts to each user's individual needs, creating personal and engaging learning experiences. Our platform uses OpenAI’s and Google’s API’s to generate narrated slideshows that answer the user's questions, complete with relevant images and bullet points. If the user needs more help, they can ask follow-up questions, which generates an even more unique experience. [...]”

Third place - Miraa

robot reading to the plants listening

The third best project is a tool for everything marketing!

“Our app provides a fully digitalized package for our clients. We offer a range of services, including the creation of a logo, ads that can be used on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, a website, and marketing videos. In order to enhance the quality of our videos, we use a technology called DeepFake. This technology generates faces which are then placed onto the video to create a more engaging advertisement. To create the ads, we use two different technologies called dalle and gpt3. Dalle is used to generate images, while gpt3 is used for text. The logo is also created using dalle for the image and gpt3 for the text under the image. [...]”

Finalist - MyThorch

reading robot

From almost one hundred submitted projects judges chose an innovative app to enhance document interaction and provide users with a highly efficient reading experience.

“MyThorch is a revolutionary document interaction app that leverages user behavior to embed vectors and store them in a Redis vector database. This process creates a long-term memory AI that truly understands the user's needs and preferences, leading to a highly efficient reading experience. The user uploads documents and the app filters for key points and also provides content the user cares about. The user can then select any part of the document to clarify further and track down references for specific parts of the generated document, ensuring accuracy and avoiding AI hallucinations.[...]”

Finalist - CV Genie for Job Seekers

robot drinking tea

An amazing project tool from a Colombian startup to help fight against unemployment!

[...] CV Genie is an assistant that automates the process of tailoring resumes to specific job openings. Our product uses the latest technologies to make the process quick and easy, providing users with a persuasive CV that increases their chances of getting hired by recruiters. We understand what people suffer when applying for a job. [...]”

Finalist - Financial Advisor

robot economist

Another great project created during OpenAI Stack Hack is a financial advisor!

“Managing finances can be challenging in today's world due to various factors such as economic downturns, inflation,and conflicts. Rising prices, particularly for energy, make it difficult for people to spend their money reasonably. With so many products, suppliers, and options to consider, it can be overwhelming for those with little experience in spending. To tackle these issues, our team has come up with the "Financial Advisor," a chatbot that helps users spend their money more efficiently and effectively. [...]”

Finalist - Report Cruncher

robot with statistics

Encourage you to get familiar with a financial analyst platform, which helps to simplify financial reports for retail investors.

“ Report Cruncher is a cutting-edge financial analysis platform designed to simplify financial reports for retail investors. Report Cruncher provides powerful insights through machine learning to empower retail investors to make informed decisions and achieve success in the stock market. The platform is user-friendly, accessible, and designed to meet the unique needs of retail investors at every level of expertise.[...]”

Finalist - RecommendAI

robot watching TV

Last but not least is an amazing tool to provide users personalized entertainment recommendations.

“RecommendAI is an innovative platform that leverages cutting-edge technology to provide users with personalized TV show and movie recommendations. This platform is designed to learn and understand the user's show preferences and generate reasons why the user likes a specific show. [...] Once the platform has established the user's show preferences, it recommends the best-fitting shows based on the user's viewing history and analyzes reasons for liking particular shows. This approach not only enhances the user's viewing experience but also helps them discover new and exciting shows that align with their interests.[...]”

OpenAI Stack Hack is over but there is more to come!

happy people

We love to see that the community of innovators, builders and creators is still growing. We are amazed by the complexity level of the submitted projects and the still expanding interest in AI technology. We believe that every 7315 participants is already a winner, as they know what is the technology of the future! We love the progress, because during openai codex hackathon only third of the people worldwide identified the technology! And during openai gym hackathon the amount od participants was also much smaller.

Also our community took our breath away, as we got familiar with all of the submitted projects and we saw so many projects that meet the most important value for, which is using AI to solve problems. We don’t support the overproduction of different apps clones. We value innovation and the impact it will have on users everyday live. We want to shape the world, create trends - not to be copycats. And we want to thank every community member for making the world a better place.

We encourage you to discover all AI applications created by our participants during this and all of our past Hackathons to get inspired and see how other people are creating something amazing!

But the journey doesn't end here. Feel invited to our next AI Hackathons and be a part of the happening AI revolution.

Join our next AI Hackathons, win amazing prizes, learn and grow.

Shape the future with AI. Change the reality with!

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