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Created by team Horros on March 03, 2023

Managing finances can be challenging in today's world due to various factors such as economic downturns, inflation,and conflicts. Rising prices, particularly for energy, make it difficult for people to spend their money reasonably. With so many products, suppliers, and options to consider, it can be overwhelming for those with little experience in spending. To tackle these issues, our team has come up with the "Financial Advisor," a chatbot that helps users spend their money more efficiently and effectively. Our solution is based on three main features: firstly, listing items to buy within a certain spending limit and marketplace, which is fine-tuned using GPT-3 to provide customized and optimized advice tailored to each user's requirements. Secondly, we help users plan their spending by allocating appropriate budgets for various needs such as food, entertainment, education, and commuting. Lastly, we remind users not to overspend on sale days to maintain their financial stability. Our business model involves collecting user data to help them access products that are right for them while earning revenue from advertising. We plan to integrate our solution into banking apps to support users in managing monthly expenses, setting up savings funds, and getting monthly bank fees. We are building a new advertising system that benefits users the most by considering their financial optimization criteria and analyzing their needs. We also provide monthly spending transaction statistics to help users know where they stand financially and offer advice on their spending. In summary, our Financial Advisor solution helps users make the most optimal and reasonable spending choices while staying within their budget. It saves time and effort in market research, enhances the user experience with a user-friendly interface, and provides a new advertising system that benefits users the most. Our solution revolutionizes the way people spend their money, improving their financial stability.

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"First of all the presentation theme was very eye catching and pretty. The demo is functional and useful. I have concerns around the business aspects but overall a solid attempt. Kudos!"


Mohd Nomaan

Co-Founder & Business Head at NeoLocus

"The Financial Advisor project appears to be a promising solution to help people manage their finances effectively. The team has identified common financial challenges that people face in today's world and proposed a solution that leverages chatbot technology and GPT-3 to provide customized advice and help users plan their spending. The solution also includes features like reminders to avoid overspending and transaction statistics to help users stay on track with their finances. The team's business model seems sound, as they plan to collect user data to personalize advertising and integrate the solution into banking apps. Overall, the Financial Advisor project shows great potential in helping users make better financial decisions and improving their financial stability"


Theodoros Ampas

Technical Mentor

"Super valubale and great use case. Event if you don't win please apply to Slingshot. "


Pawel Czech