AI21 Labs Hackathon #2: Winner Announcement

Wednesday, May 10, 2023 by Marek
AI21 Labs Hackathon #2: Winner Announcement

The second A21 labs Hackathon is over!

Woah! The AI21 Labs Hackathon #2 just wrapped up, and we're still buzzing from the electric atmosphere! This global event brought together a staggering 1343 participants, who teamed up to form 108 eclectic teams, with members hailing from different time zones, backgrounds, and skill levels.

Throughout this thrilling 7-day adventure, our passionate AI enthusiasts crafted 17 working prototypes, which means we could potentially see 17 future startups rooted in AI21 lab's cutting-edge technology!

The top four teams showcased their awe-inspiring projects during the winner announcement on 9th May. But it wasn't just about competition; it was a celebration of the boundless potential of AI technology!

None of this would have been possible without the invaluable support of's mentors and the treasure trove of AI21 tutorials available online, including resources on ChatGPT API and generative AI models.

LabLab AI is on a mission to empower creators, tinkerers, and visionaries from around the world, by providing them with the tools, knowledge, and inspiration they need to shape the AI-driven future.

So, here's to LabLab AI, the AI21 Labs Hackathon, and the trailblazing minds who participated! Together, we'll continue to push the boundaries of what's possible and unlock the infinite potential of AI!

The results are in!

 an application on a phone

Hold onto your hats, folks — the second edition of the AI21 Labs Hackathon has come to a spectacular close! With the judges from and A21 Labs assessing each project, the stakes were high and the competition fierce.

The criteria spanned:

  • Degree of Completion
  • Presentation Style
  • Applicability
  • Business Value
  • Degree of Innovation
  • Originality
  • Technology
  • Realistic Capability
  • Impact
  • Overall Impression.

Phew! That's quite the list!

Emerging victorious was the team that not only ticked all the boxes but also delivered a captivating and persuasive presentation, seizing the judges' attention and showcasing the potential of their concept with a fresh, inventive approach.

The presentation needed to be engaging, accessible, and demonstrate enough commercial acumen to convince the judges of the project's viability. The team had to prove that their idea would make waves in the industry and be applicable in the real world.

Kudos to three other remarkable projects that deserve a shout-out! But alas, there can be only one winner. So, without further ado, a hearty congratulations to...

First place - Catch Me Up

An outstanding chrome extension Catch Me Up won first place, by wowing the judges. But let’s know more about this tool, that uses speech-to-text technology.

“Our intelligent AI-powered assistant is packaged in a Chrome extension that helps listen to specific tabs you want it to listen to. It uses speech-to-text technology to get the transcript from any tab you want that plays audio and it provides a summary of what has been said, it can also segment and answer any questions you have with the context of the transcript. [...] Perhaps if you are assigned the role of taking down the meeting minutes of your meeting, you can also use our technology to summarize or segment whatever has been discussed during the meeting and the AI will help you with creating the meeting minutes of the meeting more effectively and conveniently.”

Finalist - Dr.Chat

During the second AI21 labs Hackathon was also created a medical chatbot app - cheers to Dr.Chat! This tool connects patients with doctors in a seamless and intuitive way!

“[...] Our backend is built using FastAPI and leverages the state-of-the-art AI21 LLM model, trained on a massive dataset of actual conversations between doctors and patients. The Dr.Chat model is specifically designed for the medical domain and has been fine-tuned using real-world patient-physician conversations to provide accurate diagnoses and suggest appropriate treatment options [...] Dr.Chat not only provides users with accurate and personalized medical advice but also generates comprehensive medical reports summarizing the conversation with the chatbot. [...] Whether you're a healthcare professional or a patient, Dr.Chat is designed to revolutionize the way we interact with medical advice. [...]”

Finalist - Flow Genius

If you were thinking if it’s possible to create using AI 21 labs technology to build a user-friendly conversational bot creation platform designed to help businesses of all sizes - the answer is yes, and is called Flow Genius.

“Flow Genius is an intuitive and user-friendly conversational bot creation platform designed to help businesses of all sizes build powerful chatbots without coding or technical knowledge. With Flow Genius, users can easily create custom chatbots that can handle customer queries, process transactions, and perform various other functions. The platform features a drag-and-drop interface, pre-built templates, and a variety of integrations with popular messaging platforms and business tools. Flow Genius is designed to be simple and easy to use, even for users without technical knowledge or coding experience.[...]”

Finalist - Groove AI

Groove AI is an app, which is going to revolutionize the way we experience music!

“[...] With the help of AI21 J2-Grande-Instruct AI model, I was able to create a unique platform that combines the power of rhythms, drums, and music to produce an unparalleled audio experience. Our app is designed to seamlessly integrate the complexity of AI-generated sounds with the simplicity of user-friendly interface, enabling anyone to create their own music without any prior experience or expertise. [...]”


a whimsical deser

The second edition of the AI21 Labs Hackathon, hosted by, was a resounding success! A diverse and talented AI community came together to develop groundbreaking AI-based tools using large language models from AI21 Labs.

Imagine the possibilities — these passionate minds created working apps in just 7 days! What could they achieve in 3 months with a startup? Perhaps they'll join New Native's AI Slingshot program and continue to refine their innovative ideas with the support of!

Don't miss out on this AI revolution! Join our Artificial Intelligence Hackathon and be one of the constructors of changing world! Connect with other like-minded individuals and contribute to shaping the future of AI.

A friendly reminder from the team: The AI revolution is happening, whether you're on board or not. So why not dive in, learn, innovate, and make a difference in this rapidly evolving world of AI? The future awaits, and so do we!

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