ChatGPT tutorial: ChatGPT - A guide on how to use OpenAI's new ChatGPT

Wednesday, December 14, 2022 by ezzcodeezzlife
ChatGPT tutorial: ChatGPT - A guide on how to use OpenAI's new ChatGPT

OpenAI has recently developed a chatbot based on their GPT-3.5 technology model. This generative AI model has been designed to generate text with a more natural flow, giving you the feeling of conversing with a real person. When you type in a query, you should receive a response that includes several sentences or paragraphs. This is a new advancement in the field of automatic text-generation AI, following their previous accomplishment of creating the text-to-image generator DALL-E.

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ChatGPT from OpenAI is easy to use. All you have to do is type in your text and you will receive the information. To use the tools from OpenAI, you'll need an account. If you don't have one, simply register with your Google or Microsoft account - it's that easy! In order to register for OpenAI, you must enter a phone number. After that, you can add your email address, either manually or from one of the available options. Finally, a confirmation number will be sent to you, which you must enter on the registration page to complete the setup. You can register here.

How to use ChatGPT

OpenAI's ChatGPT tool is designed to give detailed responses to any inquiry you type - from questions to statements. While the best results come from inputting a statement, questions are also accepted. For example, if you type "explain how a combustion engine works" you'll get a more detailed result than if you asked "how does a combustion engine work". You can also get more specific and request a specific number of paragraphs for an essay or a Wikipedia page.

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ChatGPT is not foolproof, though; if there is not enough data available, it may fill in the gaps with incorrect information. OpenAI notes this is rare and that the tool also currently has โ€œlimited knowledge of world events after 2021โ€, since it was trained on data before the date. It is possible that OpenAI enables, that the tool can lookup the internet for more information, but this is disabled for now.

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To ensure accuracy, you can input queries continuously until you close your browser or reset the thread to clear your previous requests. You can also choose to view the page in either dark or light mode.

ChatGPT Use-Cases

ChatGPT can be used for many different tasks, for example:

  • speech and text analysis
  • translations
  • explanations of complex issues
  • writing stories and essays
  • learn coding
  • debugging code

OpenAI has not yet released an official API for ChatGPT, but there are several community-created libraries available. Check out our list of ChatGPT API libraries on the OpenAI ChatGPT technology page for more information.

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If you want to learn more about ChatGPT, you can read the official blog post.

Try ChatGPT on your own now here.

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