AI21 Labs tutorial: how to adopt AI21 to your AI project

Thursday, January 12, 2023 by Flafi
AI21 Labs tutorial: how to adopt AI21 to your AI project

What is an AI Studio?

An artificial intelligence (AI) development platform called AI21 Studio gives companies a number of tools for designing and implementing unique Natural Language Processing (NLP) applications. Building, training, and deploying models for language-based activities like document analysis, text summarization, sentiment analysis, and more are made quick and simple for businesses by AI21 Studio. The platform provides users with a wealth of tools to assist them in creating unique NLP models, such as a simple drag-and-drop user interface, access to substantial language models, and more. Additionally, AI21 Studio offers thorough support for developing and deploying models to production, enabling companies to swiftly and affordably develop AI-powered apps.

talking animals

How can I start?

You must register for a free trial and establish an account in order to use AI21 Studio. After registering, you will have access to the AI21 Studio dashboard, where you can begin to learn more about the various features and services provided. Additionally, a sizable number of complimentary credits will be given to you to help you get started.

After becoming comfortable with AI21 Studio, you can begin creating and deploying your own AI applications. Your own machine learning models may be swiftly created and deployed in the cloud using the simple drag-and-drop tools. You can keep up with the most recent developments in AI technology thanks to AI21 Studio's access to the most recent research and development tools.

To assist you maximize your experience, AI21 Studio also provides a range of support services. AI21 Studio offers everything you need to get started and develop strong, dependable AI applications, from training and documentation to committed customer support.

So, AI21 Studio is the ideal starting point if you're trying to get into AI technology. Join now to begin investigating AI's potential!

Did I mention that as you create an account with AI21 Studio you get started with a free trial and generous amount of free credits. AI21 pay-as-you-go plans are flexible and designed to fit your needs.

Where can you use AI21 models in your application?

Text Completion

AI21 Studio is a text-to-text generative AI, that offers its users the ability to generate text completions for a given prompt using Jurassic-1 Language models. Text completion is the most frequently used method, because we can adjust it to our needs by giving examples.
Let's say you want to create an application that suggests ideas for engaging tweets to promote a brand of a product. We would use Completion as well.
We can find an example setup on AI 21 playground

twitter example

Specialized models for specific tasks

  • Paraphrasing - via calls to our Rewrite API.
  • Summarizing - via calls to our Summarize API.
summarizer example

Where should you use the AI models in your application?

The ideal technique to make an application function in the real world should be considered when you have a concept for it. Creating API calls with a program like Postman or using the playground both make it simple to test out new services. Making API requests client-side, directly from the application, is typically the quickest approach to construct a prototype.

Excellent choices for this are Replit and Streamlit. However, because you will have to reveal your API key, which you should never share, this is not a secure technique for a web application.

You must develop a back-end service if you want to make sure that your application is secure and scalable. If scalability is important, this is an excellent method to stand out in hackathons. Back-end frameworks include Node.js, Express.js, Django, and Ruby on Rails, among others. These frameworks enable you to simply construct a safe and scalable application since they offer a number of capabilities and are often well-documented.

ai generated field


The ideal tool to give your app a competitive advantage is AI21 Studio. This comprehensive collection of materials offers the ideal opportunity to build an app that stands out from the competition by fusing cutting edge generative AI models technology with accessible design and development tools.

Additionally, you can benefit from our AI hackathons to use AI21 Studio in-person and learn how to use it to make ground-breaking apps. The way you design, build, and release your app will be completely transformed when you use AI21 Studio to leverage the power of AI. And why not give it a try during’s AI Hackathons and with help of other like-minded participants and assistance of our mentors you can build an amazing AI21 based tool in just 7 days!

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