Sreekanth Gopi@sgopi

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GenAI Data Scientist

United States

3 years of experience

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1. INTEL AI Hackathon FIRST prize Winner! 2. Llama 2 ClarifAI LablabAI hackathon SECOND prize winner! 3. NASA space apps Hackathon 2023 Global Nominee! Peer-reviewed Published papers: 1. FIE 2023 IEEE conference, Texas, USA: EEG Spectral Analysis and Prediction for Inattention Detection in Academic Domain 2. AIMC 2023, Brighton, UK: Introductory Studies on Raga Multi-track Music Generation of Indian classical music using AI. 3. ASEE March 2024, Marietta, GA: Exploring the Impact of CM-II Meditation on Stress Levels in College Students through HRV Analysis. 4. ASEE June 2024, Portland, OR: SerenePulse: A Webapp Pipeline for Real-time Physiological Monitoring Using rPPG and OpenAI LLMs. In 2024 ASEE Annual Conference. Oregon Convention Center, Portland, OR.


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