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Custom GPTs 48-hours Hackathon Summary

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Hackathon Overview

Our AI hackathon brought together a diverse group of participants, who collaborated to develop a variety of impressive projects based on:






AI Applications

Speakers, Mentors, and Organizers

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Theodoros Ampas

Technical Mentor

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Dimitrije Pesic


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Muhammad Inaam

    Walaa Nasr Elghitany profile picture

    Walaa Nasr Elghitany

    Data scientist and doctor

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    Shebagi Mitra

    Technical Mentor

    Dina Shall profile picture

    Dina Shall

    Community Manager

    Olesia Zinchenko profile picture

    Olesia Zinchenko

    Product Marketing Manager

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    Damian Pawłowski

    Business Development

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    Daniel Duccik


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    Iga Romowska

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        Gary NN

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          Submitted Concepts, Prototypes and Pitches

          Submissions from the teams participating in the Custom GPTs 48-hours Hackathon event and making it to the end 👊

          Help to spread the word and share these amazing projects!


          The gpt will help you find dog friendly places give you dog training advice and travel information

          Dogy the super dog assistant

          Custom GPTs

          Bio Explorer

          Bio Explorer is a OpenAI chatbot that can help you find novel treatments for cancer.



          Eat The Frog Assistant

          A scheduling assistant using the Eat The Frog methodology


          Custom GPTs

          Eco Mentor

          Eco Mentor integrates AI to provide tailored sustainability education, connecting users with real-world eco-initiatives and offering interactive learning paths.

          Cyber Crafters

          Assistants APICustom GPTsOpenAIGPT-4 VisionDALL·E Image Generation APIRedisChatGPTGPT-4OpenGPTs

          Ghana Revenue Tax Lord

          An interactive AI assistant specialized in Ghanaian tax law, providing clarity and guidance for compliance.


          Custom GPTs

          Exam Pro GPT

          Expert in O Level Physics (5054), this GPT provides accurate, syllabus-aligned assistance for teachers and students, specializing in exam preparation, problem-solving, and conceptual clarity.


          Custom GPTsOpenAIGPT-4 VisionChatGPTGPT-4

          Exploring the Realm of Gamified Mathematical GPTs

          Discover how gamification transforms mathematical learning into an Engaging adventure. Unleash the potential of GPTs to make math learning fun and captivating.


          Assistants APIOpenGPTsCustom GPTs


          By employing a unique "Branch, Solve, Merge" methodology, the CogniSphere GPTs dissect, analyze, and synthesize information, mirroring the complex nature of human thought to provide engaging in-depth multi-modal responses.


          Assistants APICustom GPTsGPT-4 Vision

          Bulbi - Plant Doctor

          Bulbi Plant Doctor is not just a chatbot; it's a revolution in agricultural technology. With its unparalleled precision and extensive knowledge base, Bulbi is designed to transform the way we approach plant health and cultivation.

          Team Tonic

          Custom GPTs

          Habit Blueprint

          Habit Blueprint is an AI assistant that helps you define a blueprint to start and follow through with your habits, maximizing the chance of maintaining them and achieve your objectives.


          Custom GPTs

          Spanish appointment setter

          Lucas, name of our appointment setter agent will informally dialog in Spanish with potential clients and if he detects that there is interest will share a link to an appointment page for a video call with business development humans.

          Spanish appointment setter

          Assistants APICustom GPTs

          AIT-StrategiX - Strategic Scenario Analysis

          Methodical Approach for Strategic Scenario Analysis. Reflection, supporting and counterarguments, synthesis, game theory, summary. This tool facilitates balanced, evidence-based discussions and strategic planning.


          Custom GPTs


          Hackassist is a revolutionary AI assistant that leverages the wisdom and knowledge gains from past hackathons to provide guidance and enlightments for users


          Custom GPTs


          AnalyzeGenie provides comprehensive support for data needs. It processes, analyzes, and presents data efficiently, uncovering trends and generating insightful reports to enhance the data analysis experience.

          Noded Navigators

          Custom GPTs

          Art Director - Buckland

          A GPT trained with AI generated images as dataset. The idea is to curate it, retrain a new model, and for it to be capable of Create a "Style", and tag the information in it for later iterations




          InteriorGPT: Revolutionize your space with AI-driven interior/exterior designs, personalized floor plans, and furniture sourcing, all tailored to your style and space dimensions.

          team phoeniks

          Custom GPTs


          ZepaView: Elevate consumer engagement with personalized product experiences! This advertising tool visually communicates product information and empowers users to craft personalized versions seamlessly through an intuitive interface

          AI learners

          Custom GPTsOpenAIGPT-4 Vision


          The ChatGPT Application is to make learning enjoyable.


          Custom GPTsOpenGPTs

          Bayesian GPT

          Applying Bayesian Principles to Everyday Problems | A cognitive aid to break down decisions into a computable bayesian framework

          Bayesian GPT

          Custom GPTs
          application badge

          Multilingual Speech Recognizer and AI Assistant

          My creation, a Multilingual Speech Recognizer & AI Assistant, embodies innovation at its core, utilizing cutting-edge tools and technologies to redefine the way we communicate and interact with information.


          OpenAIGPT-3.5ChatGPTOpenGPTsGPT-4 VisionLangChainText Generation Web UI

          Dine Genie

          Your go-to buddy for personalized food recommendations based on mood! This GPT tells you what are the options that you can consider after you tell it what you are feeling.

          GPT LOLgicians

          Custom GPTs

          World Builders

          Creating a world memory palace to enhance learning for AWS cloud exams.

          World Builders

          Custom GPTs

          EcoHarbor - Revolutionary Sustainability Assistant

          EcoHarbor is a groundbreaking sustainability assistant that utilizes web browsing and GPT-4's critical thinking capabilities to give some of the most insightful, useful, and actionable feedback & advice relating to sustainability.

          Sustainable Initiatives

          Custom GPTs

          Peacefulness with Quran AI

          Providing insightful guidance from the Quran, this AI offers empathetic responses and relevant Quranic verses to uplift and guide, accompanied by meaningful, Islamically-inspired imagery.

          Aa Team

          Custom GPTs

          MultiGPT by GPT jaguars

          This GPT has multiple features, such as Instagram SEO, Rank Math expertise, generating images without copyright restrictions, link fetching capabilities, and a command system like a Discord bot.

          GPT jaguars

          Custom GPTsOpenAIChatGPT


          Journalling with GPT eases the practice of self-reflection while also making it a more powerful self-developmental tool.


          Custom GPTs

          Radio Imaging and MusicGen Ai

          Advanced AI Assistant and MusicGen Guide for peak creativity and efficiency in radio and music production


          Custom GPTsOpenAIAudioCraftChatGPTGPT-4 Vision

          Better Dads

          Elevate fatherhood with CBT, diet, exercise, social connections, mindfulness, sobriety, and family focus. Your path to being the best dad starts here.

          Better Dad

          Custom GPTsAssistants APIOpenGPTsOpenAIGPT-3.5GPT-4 VisionDALL·E Image Generation APIChatGPTLlama 2GPT-3ChirpLangChain
          application badge


          PsychGenGPT is an innovative mental health platform combining AI with established psychological practices to offer tailored support. It generates a psychotherapy script and an audio voice guided psychotherapy session.


          Assistants APIGPT-4 VisionDALL·E Image Generation API


          Customized Meal Planner is a specialized assistant that creates personalized meal plans based on detailed inputs from the Meal Planner Form.

          Personalized Meal Planner

          Custom GPTs

          Erik The comic book illustrator

          Erik: Master AI for consistent, stylish comic book illustrations.


          Custom GPTsOpenAIGPT-4 Vision