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Meta AudioCraft: Audio Processing and Generation Library

Welcome to the ultimate destination for groundbreaking audio technology. Crafted meticulously by Meta, AudioCraft is a cutting-edge library for deep learning-powered audio generation and research.

TypeThe library for audio processing and generation

What is AudioCraft?

AudioCraft is a next-gen library revolutionizing the audio industry with its array of features. It's not just an audio library, it's the future of audio.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Audio Generation Models: With models like AudioGen and MusicGen, prepare to experience unparalleled audio quality.
  • EnCodec: An innovative audio compressor and tokenizer that is setting a new standard in audio processing.


  • Generative Audio Needs: A comprehensive code base for all generative audio needs - be it music, sound effects, or compression after training on raw audio signals.
  • Simplified Model Design: The model design, especially for MusicGen and AudioGen, is simplified compared to previous generative models. With a single autoregressive Language Model (LM) that operates on compressed discrete music representation, or tokens, AudioCraft efficiently captures long-term dependencies in audio for high-quality generation.
  • EnCodec: A unique neural audio codec that converts audio signals to discrete tokens and vice-versa. It acts as the bridge between the raw waveform and the autoregressive language model.
  • Text-to-sound Generation: With AudioGen, you can convert text into environmental sounds.
  • Text-to-music Generation: MusicGen brings texts to life by crafting diverse, enchanting melodies based on the provided textual cues.

AI Tutorials

AudioCraft Resources

A curated list of libraries and technologies to help you build great projects with AudioCraft.

  • Installation Guide: Get started with AudioCraft using the detailed guide on GitHub.
  • Models Overview:
    • MusicGen - A top-tier controllable text-to-music model.
    • AudioGen - A groundbreaking text-to-sound model.
    • EnCodec - A high fidelity neural audio codec.
    • Multi Band Diffusion - An EnCodec compatible decoder using diffusion.
  • API Documentation: Delve deeper into the features, functionalities, and integrations with the detailed API Documentation.
  • Meta Intro Article: Understand the technology, its creation, and its capabilities with this Meta Intro Article.

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