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(Multipotentialite Advocate!). I'm the apex of 21st-century innovation, a young restless, leader, smart, hardworking, ambitious, and highly skilled. Also being multipotentialite, and a member of the high echelon I got a lot of skills and specialty at such a young age. I achieved, accomplished, and experienced a lot as a young adult, not just career and education. Also the past few years I worked hard, studied in colleges and universities, and attended multiple workshops and seminars. Cyber and bionic augmentation technology, CRISPR, and fintech, interest me etc. I had experience and trained in logistics, social media, & marketing, funneling, financial AI, EA, & HFT, ICT, system & software developer/engineer, automation, cyber/offensive engineering. I had experience and trained in responsible quoting and benchmarking of freight rates. I had experience in social media and marketing strategies. I had experiences in cyber/offensive security engineering during pandemic capable of penetration-testing & OSINT with highly difficult tools and operating systems (OS) like Kali Linux, Parrot OS, & Black Arch/Arch Linux. I had experiences trading foreign exchanges and stock exchanges, having affiliated with different retail and foreign exchange companies. I also got experience with automation. As a software programming/engineering/full stack developer, I have experienced and trained in multiple programming languages from a list of front-end and back-end C, C#, C++, HTML 5, CSS 3, Java, JavaScript, JQuery, JSON, Node, Python, SDK, Objective C and, ASP NET. Frameworks and styles React, Vue, Angular, Webpack, Bootstrap, Material UI. Databases SQL, SQLite, Apache, and Postgres. Infrastructure Azure, AWS, and DataBricks. Page 1 of 5 Virtualization Docker, VMware, VirtualBox, Hyper-V, Vagrant, and Kubernetes. Cross-Platform React, Ionic, and Unity. In System Engineering I have trained and experienced LAN, MAN, and WAN router and network administration. IT/IS/Cyber-Security. I'm highly familiar with tools like packet tracer, Solar, Putty, & GNS3, etc. Also with OS administration like GNU/Linux & Ubuntu and its alternatives, etc. I have a professional & higher certificate and diploma for ACCP, ACSE, ADSE, CISE, HCSE, CCNA, CCNP, NCC-L1DC into L5DC, A+, N+. Getting a CCIE, in Cisco. OSCP, OSCE and, OSEE in Offensive-Security


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