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LLaMA (Large Language Model Meta AI)

LLaMA is a state-of-the-art foundational large language model designed to help researchers advance their work in the subfield of AI. It is available in multiple sizes (7B, 13B, 33B, and 65B parameters) and aims to democratize access to large language models by requiring less computing power and resources for training and deployment. LLaMA is developed by the FAIR team of Meta AI and has been trained on a large set of unlabeled data, making it ideal for fine-tuning for a variety of tasks.

Release date2023
AuthorMeta AI FAIR Team
Model sizes7B, 13B, 33B, 65B parameters
Model ArchitectureTransformer
Training data sourceCCNet, C4, GitHub, Wikipedia, Books, ArXiv, Stack Exchange
Supported languages20 languages with Latin and Cyrillic alphabets

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LLaMA provides an opportunity for researchers and developers to study large language models and explore their applications in various domains. To get started with LLaMA, you can access its code through the GitHub repository.

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ConvoClips is a revolutionary platform that merges the power of conversational AI with video creation tools to offer a seamless, interactive experience. Built on Python Flask for the backend and utilizing Canvas and Fabric.js for the frontend, the application aims to simplify the often complex process of video creation. Imagine you're an educator, marketer, or just someone with a story to tell. Traditional video editing software can be overwhelming and time-consuming to learn. ConvoClips changes that. Instead of navigating through complicated menus and options, you simply chat with our AI assistant, Tech Llama. Through natural language processing, Tech Llama understands your requirements and assists you in creating slides, adding animations, inserting images, and even generating voiceover scripts. The application features a dual-panel interface. One side is a chat window where you interact with Tech Llama, and the other is a live canvas where you can see your video taking shape in real-time. As you make requests or answer questions in the chat, the canvas updates automatically. You can add or modify elements like text and images by simply chatting about them. But that's not all. The platform also incorporates an index of pre-designed templates and elements, allowing you to choose from various styles and themes. Want to add a professional touch? Tech Llama can suggest design elements that fit your content, making your video look like it was created by a pro. ConvoClips also offers advanced features like real-time collaboration, where multiple users can chat with Tech Llama to contribute to a single video project. The application is designed to be scalable and is optimized for both individual and enterprise use. In summary, ConvoClips is not just a video creation tool; it's a new way to express yourself, to teach, to market, and to tell stories. It's video creation, simplified.



DishForge is an innovative AI-powered application revolutionizing cooking experiences by seamlessly merging AI capabilities with culinary artistry. It harnesses Llama 2's natural language processing and Clarifai's computer vision, resulting in an unparalleled recipe generation experience. Users interact with DishForge through a user-friendly interface, inputting the desired type of meal or beverage, their preferences, dietary restrictions, available ingredients, and cooking appliances. Llama 2 processes these inputs to create coherent and personalized recipes. Simultaneously, Stable Diffusion presents the ingredients visually, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the recipe components and the dish visuals. DishForge addresses practical challenges in meal planning by going beyond being just a recipe generator. It caters to users seeking kitchen convenience by considering preferences, available ingredients, and time constraints. The app's ability to generate recipes tailored to dietary needs, ingredient availability, and cooking resources enhances its value proposition, making it perfect for various culinary skill levels. What sets DishForge apart is its holistic approach to recipe generation. By combining Llama 2's language understanding and generative and recognition image models, it provides a comprehensive culinary solution. The app's ability to generate recipes in diverse formats, visualize ingredients, and accommodate specific preferences positions it as an innovative tool that promotes creativity and experimentation in the kitchen. In summary, DishForge represents the cutting-edge fusion of AI and culinary expertise. It showcases a deep understanding of Llama 2 and Clarifai's capabilities, resulting in a solution that transforms recipe generation, meal planning, and culinary exploration. With its user-friendly interface and personalized recipes, DishForge sets a new standard for AI-driven kitchen innovation.