How to Use Collaborators and Organization Features within the Clarifai Platform

Friday, August 25, 2023 by Olesia
How to Use Collaborators and Organization Features within the Clarifai Platform

How to Use Collaborators and Organization Features within the Clarifai Platform

Collaboration is a cornerstone of modern software development, and the AI field is no exception. Whether you're working on an AI-based startup or participating in an AI Hackathon, teamwork can play a pivotal role in achieving superior results. In this tutorial, we'll delve deep into the features provided by Clarifai to facilitate collaboration and teamwork on AI projects.

If you're just stepping into the world of Clarifai, the Introduction to Clarifai Tutorial provides the perfect starting point before exploring deeper.

Introduction: The Importance of Collaboration in AI

Before we dive into the specifics, let's understand the significance of collaboration in AI:

  1. Diverse Skill Sets: AI projects often require a mix of expertise ranging from data preparation to model tuning. A team brings diverse skill sets to the table, enabling better outcomes.
  2. Efficient Workflow: Collaborative tools ensure a seamless workflow where team members can simultaneously contribute to a project, leading to faster execution.
  3. Review & Feedback: A team can provide instant feedback, ensuring the quality and efficiency of AI models.

With this understanding, let's explore how Clarifai fosters collaboration using its platform.

How to use Collaborators & Organization Features within Clarifai App and work with a team? - Video

Collaborator Option on Clarifai Platform

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Access your Clarifai Account: Start by logging into your account. Here, you'll find the AI apps you've created.
  2. Navigate to the App Settings: Choose the specific application you'd like to collaborate on, and open its settings.
  3. Adding Collaborators:
    • Find the option to add collaborators.
    • Enter the email addresses of the individuals you'd like to invite.
    • Assign the required scopes or permissions. If you trust the collaborator, you can grant full access.
    • The invitees will receive an email invitation. Once they verify and accept it, they'll be able to collaborate on the app as if it's their own.
    • Note: Multiple collaborators can be added, enabling a team to work together seamlessly.

Organization Feature on Clarifai Platform

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Creating an Organization:
    • Click on the top right corner of your account.
    • Opt to create a new organization.
    • Assign a unique name and organization ID, then proceed to create.
  2. Switching to the Organization: Navigate to the top right corner and switch to the newly created organization.
  3. Creating an App within the Organization: Once you're within the organization, you can create a new application.
  4. Inviting Team Members:
    • Navigate to the account section.
    • Access the 'Members' tab.
    • Use the 'Invite Members' option to add collaborators by entering their email addresses.
    • Assign them roles. For a generic access level, 'Organization Contributor' is recommended as it grants access to all apps within the organization.
    • Once the members verify their invitations, they'll join the organization and have access to all its apps.


Harnessing the power of collaboration in the Clarifai platform is straightforward and efficient. Whether you're inviting collaborators for a single project or building an entire organization, Clarifai's features ensure a smooth and productive teamwork experience.

Note: If you're considering participating in an AI Hackathon, remember that collaboration is the key! Bring together a diverse team and make the most of tools like Clarifai to build impressive AI models in a limited timeframe.

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