Enhancing Large Language Models with Long Document Interaction: A Comprehensive Tutorial

Friday, August 25, 2023 by Olesia
Enhancing Large Language Models with Long Document Interaction: A Comprehensive Tutorial

Enhancing Large Language Models with Long Document Interaction: A Comprehensive Tutorial

Welcome to this comprehensive guide on how to enhance Large Language Models (LLMs) with long document interactions using the Clarifai platform. We'll delve into the theoretical foundations and then guide you through a step-by-step demonstration on the Clarifai platform.


Large Language Models (LLMs) like GPT-3 have significantly impacted the AI world. Their capability to provide informed responses on a wide range of topics is unparalleled. However, these models have limitations.

Understanding LLM Limitations

  1. Knowledge Limit: If the model hasn't been trained on specific topics, it may lack knowledge or produce incorrect results.
  2. Handling Large Inputs: There's a maximum token limit to what these models can handle as a prompt. For GPT-3, it's considerably less than lengthy documents or code bases.
  3. Unpredictable Behavior: Pushing these limits can lead to unexpected outputs. For instance, prompting GPT-4 with a long C++ code resulted in a movie review of "The Matrix."

Given these constraints, how can we ensure the model gives reliable and factual results when provided with voluminous data? Let's explore.

Clarifai Platform: A Solution

Clarifai offers a platform that helps in breaking down lengthy documents and retrieving insights effectively. It breaks long documents into manageable chunks and generates embeddings for each, enabling relevant data extraction.

New to Clarifai? We recommend starting with the Introduction to Clarifai Tutorial for a comprehensive overview before diving into advanced topics.

Theoretical Overview

  • Embedding: An embedding is a mathematical representation (vector) capturing the essence or meaning of data. In this context, it represents the meaning of a text chunk.

Using Clarifai: A Step-by-step Guide

  1. Document Upload:
    • Upload your lengthy documents (PDFs) onto the Clarifai portal.
    • These documents are split into chunks of around 300 words, retaining the essential metadata.
  2. Understanding Text Chunks:
    • Chunks might start or end abruptly, making them harder for humans to understand. However, Clarifai effectively generates embeddings for these chunks.
  3. Querying the Platform:
    • Provide a query, e.g., "Find the documents about terrorism."
    • The platform calculates the embedding for your query.
    • It compares this embedding to the saved embeddings of the text chunks, fetching the most relevant texts.
    • You'll receive details like source, page number, and similarity scores.
    • The platform also identifies entities such as people, organizations, locations, etc.
  4. Deep Dive into Information:
    • You can select a specific document to delve deeper.
    • Get summaries and sources. Each source is summarized using the Lang Chain library.
    • View texts in their entirety and understand the importance of summarizing individual parts.
  5. Interacting with Documents:
    • The model can chat with the document, using only the factual data provided.
    • This ensures that the output is based on the information given, and the model doesn't extrapolate from its own training data.
  6. Geographical Mapping:
    • Query the platform to investigate geographical locations and get them plotted on a map.
    • The platform can even handle broken English and provides summaries for relevant location data.

[Placeholder for Video Demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbuOu9zq2UE ]


Enhancing LLMs using the Clarifai platform provides a more reliable and factual way to derive insights from lengthy documents. By breaking down large data sets into manageable pieces and extracting the most relevant information, we can better utilize the power of LLMs while avoiding their inherent limitations.

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