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PhD Computer Science Student

United States

4 years of experience

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Community Mentor. PhD Computer Science Student. Attended DLL#2, #3, #4 and various other hackathons.

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    Actionist - Automatic note taker

    Actionist is a web application created by Team HeapUnderflow that utilizes GPT-3 to generate notes from user inputted conversations. Actionist can fill in as a note taker that: summarizes notes, associates names and tasks mentioned, then outputs above action items for sharing. Actionist is a quick solution to summarizing meetings or lectures that were missed. Actionist can reduce the headache of taking detailed notes during a long meeting. Future objectives include audio/visual integration, dynamic solutions with progress checking, and responsive follow-ups and recommendations. Actionist was created by Patrick Bareiß, Ervin Moore and Elizabeth Tishchenko.

👌 Attended Hackathons

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    OpenAI GPT-3

    This event we will focus on GPT-3 functions such as Files, Answers & Fine-tuning

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    OpenAI Codex

    The event is for those that have access to OpenAI Codex. (we exploring possibilities to grant users without access, access..)

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    OpenAI GPT-3 Weekend Hackathon

    Join us for a weekend and build most powerful production ready NLP model