The Universe

Created by team shadowy super coders on July 30, 2023

A platform for the creation and curation of Universes. Generate the rules and mechanics of your game world based on a stored database of Open Gaming License material to determine conflict resolution. Generate the setting and story from any content you upload, co-generate with GPT and Claude's assistance, or simply prompt the models to create whatever you're in the mood to play in and let them do the rest. Agent chains simulate the interactions between entities in your Universe -- kingdoms, factions, people, gods, planets, corporations, the weather -- anything that could happen in the setting of your Universe, you can generate an authentic simulation of the event using CAMEL agents and update the timeline of the world based on the outcome. Combine all these elements to create a truly living, breathing game world -- then, use generative models to bring it to life. Stable Diffusion generates art and scenery, Elevenlabs for professional voice acting, Claude 2 for long-form storytelling and long-term narrative management, MusicGen for a custom soundtrack. Play a solo scene, a campaign with your friends, or just use the Universe platform to inspire, create, curate, and share your own creations. The possibilities are Truly Endless.

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"Remarkable problem-solving skills! I like this focus on using AI to generate games and you're solving an important issue. For further improvement, I would like to see how you can accomplish this hard problem technically and how you can differentiate from other AI platforms by leveraging technology. Keep going!"


Iris Guo