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StableCode-Instruct-Alpha-3B is a decoder-only model with 3 billion parameters. Pre-trained on top programming languages from the StackOverflow developer survey, it's a product by Stability AI intended for coding.

Relese dateAugust 8, 2023
AuthorStability AI

StableCode: Features & Highlights

  • Trained on a diverse set of languages from the stack-dataset (v1.2) by BigCode, including Python, Go, Java, and more.
  • Fine-tuned with ~120,000 code instruction/response pairs for specific use cases.
  • Extended context window for precise autocomplete suggestions. It can handle 2-4X more code than earlier models.
  • Designed to assist both seasoned and novice developers.

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Polisplexity Gemini 3D Multimodal City Simulatior

Polisplexity Gemini 3D Multimodal City Simulatior

Polisplexity is an all-encompassing platform for city creation, administration, evolution, and simulation, integrating AI, VR/AR, mathematical modeling, and Google Gemini's technology. It's designed for comprehensive urban management, going beyond traditional planning. Incorporating Google Gemini, Polisplexity harnesses advanced computing and AI capabilities for deep data analysis and predictive modeling. This is vital for understanding urban dynamics, aiding in strategic decision-making and policy formulation for city evolution and administration. VR/AR elements in Polisplexity, enhanced by Gemini's power, offer immersive, interactive experiences. Users can simulate and visualize urban developments, testing various scenarios and planning strategies with high accuracy. Mathematical modeling, supported by Gemini's sophisticated data handling, ensures effective city management. It facilitates efficient resource distribution, traffic optimization, and sustainable environmental planning, handling complex urban datasets with enhanced precision. Polisplexity's collaborative aspect, powered by Google Gemini, enables real-time data processing and community engagement. It brings together city officials, planners, citizens, and technologists, promoting inclusive and responsive city development. Ideal for hackathons and collaborative urban projects, Polisplexity encourages innovation and rapid prototyping. It's a key resource for exploring and implementing advanced city management solutions, fostering dynamic and sustainable urban living. Polisplexity, with its integration of Google Gemini, represents a cutting-edge platform for creating, administering, evolving, and simulating cities, offering comprehensive tools for modern, efficient, and inclusive urban management.

Tru Era Applied

Tru Era Applied

Hackathon Submission: Enhanced Multimodal AI Performance Project Title: Optimizing Multimodal AI for Real-World Applications Overview: Our project focused on optimizing multimodal AI performance using the TruEra Machine Learning Ops platform. We evaluated 18 models across vision, audio, and text domains, employing innovative prompting strategies, performance metrics, and sequential configurations. Methodology: Prompting Strategies: Tailored prompts to maximize model response accuracy. Performance Metrics: Assessed models on accuracy, speed, and error rate. Sequential Configurations: Tested various model combinations for task-specific effectiveness. Key Models Evaluated: Vision: GPT4V, LLava-1.5, Qwen-VL, Clip (Google/Vertex), Fuyu-8B. Audio: Seamless 1.0 & 2.0, Qwen Audio, Whisper2 & Whisper3, Seamless on device, GoogleAUDIOMODEL. Text: StableMed, MistralMed, Qwen On Device, GPT, Mistral Endpoint, Intel Neural Chat, BERT (Google/Vertex). Results: Top Performers: Qwen-VL in vision, Seamless 2.0 in audio, and MistralMed in text. Insights: Balance between performance and cost is crucial. Some models like GPT and Intel Neural Chat underperformed or were cost-prohibitive. Future Directions: Focus on fine-tuning models like BERT using Vertex. Develop more connectors for TruLens for diverse endpoints. Submission Contents: GitHub Repository: [Link] Demo: [Link] Presentation: [Link] Our submission showcases the potential of multimodal AI evaluation using TruEra / TruLens in enhancing real-world application performance, marking a step forward in human-centered AI solutions.



StableMed, is meticulously designed to cater to the critical needs of medical question-answering, education, and public health awareness. Advanced AI-Powered Medical Q&A: At the heart of StableMed is an AI-driven engine, fine-tuned to understand and respond to a wide array of medical inquiries. This feature ensures that healthcare professionals, students, and the general public have access to reliable and accurate medical information at their fingertips. Tailored Educational Content: Recognizing the diverse needs of medical education, StableMed offers personalized learning experiences. Whether it's for medical students, practitioners seeking continuous education, or individuals aiming to understand health better, our platform adapts to each user's learning style and knowledge level. Public Health and Sanitation Awareness: In an era where public health is more crucial than ever, StableMed stands as a beacon of trustworthy information. Our platform disseminates vital health and sanitation guidelines to the public, aiding in disease prevention and promoting overall community health. Collaboration with Medical Experts: StableMed isn't just a technological marvel; it's a synergy of AI and human expertise. We collaborate with renowned healthcare professionals to ensure our content is not only accurate but also aligns with the latest medical standards and practices. Accessible Anywhere, Anytime: Understanding the dynamic nature of healthcare, StableMed is designed for accessibility. Whether in a hospital, a remote clinic, or at home, our platform is just a click away, ensuring that critical medical information is always available. Customizable for Healthcare Providers: Hospitals, clinics, and educational institutions can customize StableMed to suit their specific needs. This flexibility makes it an invaluable tool for patient education, staff training, and enhancing the overall quality of healthcare services.