Created by team Joan Holloway on April 07, 2023

Enhancing Readability with Whisper and ChatGPT Whisper is an incredibly powerful transcription model, which we utilized to convert video content into text format. However, the resulting transcript was a dense wall of text, making it difficult to digest. To improve readability, we employed ChatGPT to introduce structure, including paragraph breaks and headers. The text is now significantly more reader-friendly. Integrating Slides and Transcripts for Seamless Presentations During presentations, speakers often refer to slides, which are absent from the transcript. To address this issue, we have synchronized the text with the video in our wiki. This feature allows users to click on the text and instantly view the corresponding slide. Alternatively, users can play the video without audio and follow along with the highlighted text, creating a more integrated and accessible experience. And everything is backed by our semantic search we introduced at the previous hackathon

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