Tl;dr era is here - Why you should use AI in everyday life

Friday, February 03, 2023 by Marek
Tl;dr era is here - Why you should use AI in everyday life

2023 is here and what now?

As it has been predicted, we just entered February already and 2023 is a year of AI. After all of the layoffs from Twitte) and Meta in 2022, Google followed them with 12 000 fired people. Microsoft invested 10 billion $ in the hottest AI technology right now and everyone is speculating if Google will lose the dominant position in the market. But can we benefit from it or is it just another clash of titans?

Well, of course we can. There are dominant players in the market, but there are still emerging new AI startups who offer solutions to the world's problems using AI and that's the clue of it. You can build a million worth company using AI technology from scratch, because it is still an early stage. It's a 21 century gold rush and today prospector's are developers, managers and creatives using AI. And you can be one of them as you join the revolution.

We already started a dedicated Hackathon, which will answer your question about how to create an AI startup. Actually will help you all the way.

Do I have to use AI in 2023?

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Of course you don’t. It's the same way as you didn't have to invest in social media in 2010' or get interested in bitcoin in 2013. But we all know, who invested in either of those a decade ago can retire today or at least have a future secured. Or someone who created a social media app and benefited from that revolution, can sleep comfy as well. It’s about being ahead of the curve.

But jokes aside, the AI revolution is happening. It's not another trend, but that's how the world is changing. And you can benefit from it. Either by creating a solution to an existing problem, or by improving your efficiency or the effectiveness of your business or by investing in some of the startups at the early stage.

We already covered how can you prepare to AI Hackathon, and I just want to stress one more thing: you have to find a problem and build a solution to it. Not the other way around - simply you need a market for your product.

You can also increase your productivity and that way boost your business. But actually how can you do this?


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We already covered some of the topics. You can read How to use ChatGPT to create your marketing strategy or How to use ChatGPT for SEO. Come back to check more weekly marketing tutorials. But before they’re out you can have a sneak peek into some other ways how to leverage AI for your marketing.

Multilingual languages models, like Cohere, can be used to better understand your customers. Their needs, who they are and how to interact with them.

Also you can use them to summarize texts, tutorials, videos and much more in order to get to the essential information in just a few seconds. Yeah, we’re in tl;dr times, when AI will finally read all of the stuff you don’t want to.

ChatGPT or GPT-3, as you already know, can write first drafts (which you always should check and rewrite!) for your articles, social media posts, ads and much more.

Generative AI like dall-e 2, Stable Diffusion, Midjourney and many more can be used to create engaging graphics for your posts or ADS, but much more about it later on.


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With all of the controversy around AI generated art, still the revolution is here and we either adapt to it or become extinct. With the evolution of AI some jobs will no longer be needed (car drivers?) and others will emerge (prompt engineer?).

But we want to focus here on how to grow with AI. Margarida Barreto gave an amazing insight into how creatives can use generative AI. You can try new styles, variations of your projects, create first drafts of your banners or ads, or even just look for inspirations with prompts. Not even mentioning increasing your creative skills as you still have an AI partner to negotiate the creative process with.

There is also a Generative API, which allows you to write a first draft of a screenplay or a feature movie script. Use it to get inspired, to push boundaries, to create more engaging and more view orientated content.

A friend of mine, after he saw some of the Stable Diffusion animations I created, said that “finally there’s a tool for poets to create animations”. And as Walter Lowenfels famously said - “We are all poets, really.”

Therefore, be creative and go wild with AI. Better, faster, AI.


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Actually, there’s not much more to say, that we already wrote. You can read How to create a website with ChatGPT, how to fix bugs with ChatGPT, or how to easily improve your coding skills with ChatGPT.

And these are just a few examples from Go wild and use AI to improve your coding skills and code more efficiently. AI won’t write working code, but as with improving creative or marketing work, it can assist you with the “first draft”

Can I have a business around AI?

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Of course you can. You can see how many amazing teams from the community took an effort to build an AI app. Read about the projects, get inspired by them and come up with ideas on how to solve other problems. Or how to solve identified problems in more efficient ways.

AI Hackathons are great ways to build a working app around AI technology and join the blooming industry at the early stage. But do you know what is even better? To build an entire AI startup during AI Hackathon. We, the team, are pushing boundaries everyday and we invite you to be part of this journey. Join our community of builders, innovators and creators and launch an AI startup during our 7-days AI Hackathon.

Be a part of the change. Be the sculptor of the future. Be part of the community.

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