ChatGPT tutorial: How to use ChatGPT for SEO

Thursday, February 02, 2023 by Marek
ChatGPT tutorial: How to use ChatGPT for SEO

Why should I care about SEO?

This article is a continuation of weekly marketing tutorials on how to improve your marketing with help of AI. Check out our first tutorial on how to use ChatGPT for marketing!

In today's digital environment, AI and SEO are becoming necessary tools for organizations to expand and maintain their competitiveness. The technique of enhancing web content to rank higher in search engine results is known as SEO, or search engine optimization. Businesses may boost their exposure, attract more organic traffic to their website, and eventually expand their business by optimizing content to satisfy the requirements of search engines.

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is the process of using technology to build smart computers that can think and act like people. AI may be used to automate processes, analyze data, and give marketers insights. By assisting marketers in optimizing content for search engine algorithms, AI can also be utilized to boost SEO.

AI and SEO are two effective instruments that can support the expansion and success of enterprises. Businesses may take advantage of these tools to boost exposure and improve organic traffic to their websites by utilizing SEO to optimize content and AI to automate processes, optimize data, and deliver insights. Businesses may utilize SEO and AI to get a competitive edge and establish a strong online presence by employing the proper strategy.

Text to text in marketing

salamandra writes a text

In order for a marketing strategy to be effective, content is essential. In addition to helping your website or app rank higher in search engine results, it is one of the most effective strategies for reaching and engaging with potential customers. Traditionally, content has been created for human readers, but with the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and search engine optimization (SEO), it is now crucial to provide information for bots as well.

In the past, most SEO material was keyword-based, which meant that it was prepared with a certain set of keywords in mind in order to perform better in search engine rankings. But reading this kind of material was frequently tedious and challenging. Content can now be more fascinating and engaging while still being optimized for search engines thanks to the advancement of language models and AI.

Language models are algorithms that are used to produce text, and they have advanced over time. The most sophisticated language models can currently produce text that resembles human-written text almost exactly. This implies that both people and bots can benefit from the content's optimization. Since AI-generated text always follows the same structure, it is also more dependable and simpler to optimize for SEO.

AI can also be used to create text that is customized to the preferences of a certain audience. AI-generated text, for instance, can be used to produce material that is geared toward a particular demographic or geographical region or that is optimized for a particular keyword or combination of keywords. This raises the likelihood of ranking higher in search engine results and helps to guarantee that the material is pertinent to the target audience.

Additionally, customized content for each user can be created using text produced by AI. This may involve making suggestions for goods or services, or creating messages specifically for the user based on their interests. This kind of tailored information can promote client trust, which increases engagement and loyalty.

In general, content that is optimized for both people and bots can be produced using AI-generated text. This can assist in making sure that material is interesting, pertinent, and SEO-optimized. Additionally, customized content for each user can be created using AI-generated text, which may boost user engagement and loyalty.

Look at all of the applications created during’s AI Hackathons, which use GPT-3 API!


Salamanra's showcase

Together, AI and SEO can produce content that is more useful to businesses. We'll take a step-by-step look at how to use ChatGPT to produce material that is search engine optimized.

Finding a theme and an idea for the post is the first step in the process. This entails conducting research and identifying the key words pertinent to the industry. To make sure that the material can be found in search engine results, it is crucial to identify the appropriate keywords that will be utilized in the post.

The second stage is to draft an article plan and outline. This entails organizing the content and deconstructing the article's distinct components.This will make it easier to read and ensure that the content is well-organized.

The material will be created using AI in the third step. The proper keywords and phrases that are targeted for search engines can be used to create content using AI algorithms. Search engine-friendly web pages and blog entries can be made using this content.

The information is rewritten in the fourth phase to make it easier to read by people. Rewriting the material to increase its interest and engagement is part of this process. This will increase the likelihood that the information will be read and spread. If you’re interested in knowing more about lingual models, you can check apps which use GPT-3 API.

1. Preparation

We will continue the showcase from the previous article, so we will write a SEO article for Content Mastery Academy. But before we find the topic and title for our blog post, we need to first find the most important SEO phrases for our business (if you know them already, you can skip this part, but maybe you want to ask ChatGPT to get inspired?).

example 1

Okay, now we research for topic:

example 2

Let’s go with “5 Benefits of Getting a Digital Marketing Certification” as we want to have both H2 and H3 in our article.

So our article structure will be:

  1. Title
  2. H2 Introduction chapter
  3. H2 Explanation of the topic with bullet points (H3)
  4. Summary.

Easy, right? With ChatGPT everything is easy. So let’s proceed.

2. Generate

We know the structure, topic and phrases to include, so let’s get it done.

Title 5 Benefits of Getting a Digital Marketing Certification

An introduction / explanation what can you expect in the article (first H2)

H2 title: What is digital marketing certification and why you should get a digital marketing certification

example 3

Main part: H2 Explanation of the topic with bullet points (H3)

example 4

And the final part:

example 5

And now we have to use another AI to rewrite it and afterwards we should correct it in order to make sure we provide the most valuable content to our users. Quillbot, jasper or any other AI based toll will do.

3. Final effect

little robot writer

5 Benefits of Getting a Digital Marketing Certification

Why should I get a digital marketing certification?

A formal acknowledgement of your knowledge and proficiency in the field of digital marketing is provided by certification in this area. It is a training program that offers instruction and evaluation in a range of digital marketing strategies, including SEO, social media, email marketing, and others.

Obtaining a certification in digital marketing can help your career in a number of ways. First off, it shows prospective employers and clients that you have a thorough knowledge of digital marketing strategies and tactics. Second, it can assist you in keeping abreast of the most recent developments and trends in the area of digital marketing. Thirdly, it can improve your credibility and resume, increasing your marketability for jobs.

In addition to digital marketing certification, you can also consider taking online marketing courses, participating in internet marketing training programs, or enrolling in a digital marketing education program at a digital marketing institute. All of these options can provide valuable opportunities for you to learn and grow in your field, and can help you stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving digital marketing landscape.

You may want to think about attending online marketing classes, taking part in internet marketing training programs, or enrolling in a digital marketing education program at a digital marketing institute in addition to obtaining a certification in digital marketing. You may take advantage of each of these opportunities to advance your knowledge and skills in your industry while also keeping up with the ever changing area of digital marketing.

5 benefits of getting Digital marketing certification

  1. Demonstrates Competency: A digital marketing certification shows prospective employers and clients that you are competent in using these abilities in a professional situation and that you have a thorough understanding of digital marketing strategies and procedures.
  2. Enhances Credibility: Having a certification in digital marketing can help you look more credible on the job market and improve your resume, increasing your chances of landing a position in the field.
  3. Maintains Current with Trends: Because digital marketing is a constantly changing sector, obtaining a certification can help you keep up with the most recent developments.
  4. Enhances Career Possibilities: If you have a certification in digital marketing, you might be qualified for higher-paying or more specialized digital marketing positions or have the chance to launch your own digital marketing consultancy.
  5. Complements Online Marketing Courses: taking part in internet marketing training programs, or enrolling in a digital marketing education program at a digital marketing institute are all excellent methods to complement your digital marketing certification and keep learning and developing in your profession.

New life with a certification?

Anyone wishing to further their career in the field of digital marketing will find a certification in the subject to be a great asset. A digital marketing certification can be used to show off your knowledge, boost your credibility, keep you up to date with the most recent trends, and lead to new employment chances.

Our online marketing courses cover all facets of the industry, from SEO and social media to email marketing and more, to provide students a thorough education in digital marketing. You will get the chance to learn digital marketing from seasoned experts through our courses, and you'll get a certificate of completion that can improve your resume and advance your employment chances.

Our emphasis on practical, hands-on learning is what distinguishes our online marketing courses. Our programs are created to give students the knowledge and abilities they need to excel in the workplace, and our curriculum is frequently revised to reflect the most recent developments in the sector.

Our online marketing courses are the ideal place to start if you want to advance your profession in digital marketing. Join now to begin learning from the industry's top experts.

Nice, right? Know more about what generative AI can do.

So can AI really improve my work?

little robot done writing

Well, we just showed you one example how it can. It’s a simple showcase for a non existing company, but if you’d use AI to improve your existing business the result may blow your mind. And also you can benefit from the AI revolution not only by the end user. We encourage you to build such a tool, for example by combining Cohere api, ChatGPT api and other LLM we did not even think about! If you join our AI hackathons during only 7 days you can build a prototype of a tool which will improve the work of people worldwide and can be the foundation of your new AI startup. We invite you to join a dedicated AI Hackathon which will help you to found an AI startup.

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