Jason Calacanis, the greatest startup Investor of all time, number one prediction for 2023!

Tuesday, January 10, 2023 by CzechPawel
Jason Calacanis, the greatest startup Investor of all time, number one prediction for 2023!

Changes in tech industry in 2023

Jason Calacanis is considered by many as one of the greatest startup investors of our time and predicts that the laid off tech workers will be the biggest winners for 2023.

As Silicon Valley continues to right size across the biggest tech companies and the trend is expected to move across the globe, there is a major opportunity for those who are left without a job.

According to Calacanis, these laid-off tech workers have the potential to become extremely successful if they band together in groups of two, three, or four and start their own companies. This is because, as Calacanis notes, these individuals possess the key skills necessary to build and run successful startups, including development, product management, and other important technical capabilities.

Calacanis argues that these laid-off tech workers can make "incredible lemonade from these lemons" by taking control of their own destinies and starting their own companies. In fact, he believes that the startup space will be dominated by these laid-off tech workers who choose to start their own businesses and that they will be the truly big winners in the coming year.

There were 1,405 rounds of layoffs at tech companies globally just through the first week of December, affecting 219,959 people. These numbers are expected to grow across 2023.

How to adapt to the changes?

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One key piece of advice that Calacanis offers is for these laid-off tech workers to start their companies with two or three friends. As he notes, this is because startups with multiple founders tend to get funded faster than those with only one. Additionally, having a team of developers and other talented individuals will be essential for success in the startup world.

Overall, Calacanis's prediction is a stark reminder that even the most difficult of circumstances can be turned into opportunities, and those who are willing to take a chance and create something new can truly succeed. For laid-off tech workers in 2023, it is a chance to "take control of the destiny" and to create something that they can truly be proud of.

2023, the year of generative AI?

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Based on the boom of performance in AI technology of the last 24 months, generative AI will be the winning technology of 2023 and therefore the startups created by laid-off tech workers should focus on it, as it is one of the most promising and rapidly growing areas in technology today. Generative AI refers to systems that can generate new and unique outputs, such as natural language, images, and music, based on a set of inputs and algorithms.

Calacanis believes that the demand for Generative AI-powered products and services will only continue to increase in the coming years and that startups in this field will have a significant advantage. With the trend of automation and the increasing adoption of AI in various industry verticals, businesses are looking for more advanced AI solutions.

Startups that are focused on Generative AI can leverage their technical skills to develop cutting-edge products and services that can help to drive innovation and growth in a wide range of industries. From healthcare, and finance to retail and beyond, generative AI has the potential to revolutionize the way we work and live.

Furthermore, Generative AI startups also have the potential to attract large amounts of funding from venture capitalists and other investors, as this is an area of high interest for them.

Can I benefit from the shift?

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In conclusion, Calacanis's prediction of laid-off tech workers becoming truly big winners in 2023 by starting their own companies, especially if they focus on Generative AI is an exciting prospect. It presents an opportunity for them to not just overcome the setback of losing their jobs but also capitalize on the future of technology and leverage it to create something that can change the world.

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