OpenAI Hackathon: Winner Announcement

Wednesday, December 28, 2022 by Marek
OpenAI Hackathon: Winner Announcement

OpenAI Hackathon is over, and the results are in!

First of all, team would love to thank the sponsors of our amazing Hackathon - Digital Ocean for supporting the event and providing $2000 in Digital Ocean credits to be distributed among the winning teams!

Second of all, we would like to thank amazing 2653 participants for their devotion into innovating, creating and building something great with OpenAI Whisper, GPT-3, Codex, or DALL-E 2 APIs. 259 teams submitted 54 projects, but sadly there can be only 1 winner. So without any further ado, big shout out to the winning projects!

🥇First place

The main prize goes to kiwi video, a powerful tool, which allows you to learn from videos with AI!

The main concept behind the project was that watching online lectures is convenient, but makes it hard to engage with the material. That’s why with the usage of GPT-3 and Whisper, an AI assistant, that answers your questions about the video and tests your understanding with AI- generated quizzes!

Congratulations to the team and if you want to know more about the project, check out the project website and feel free to reach out to the team members!

🥈Second place

Second prize goes to the Book And I - an AI learning companion that answers questions and provides explanations and clarifications related to supplied literature for people with learning difficulties.

If you want to know more about this incredible, watch the team's demo and feel free to contact them!

🥉Third place

Last, but not least is novela ink.

Novela ink is your own personal AI assistant platform to create/modify/enhance your stories. With the power of OpenAI it was possible to create a storywriter that can really fit into your needs. With minimal effort you can quickly create stories, books, and creations. You don't need expensive graphic designers, and copywriters. It also helps to get inspiration! And everything is tamperproof, and immutable thanks to immudb, so you can't really lose your creations.

🔥🛠️ Congrats to the team and also check their project page to know more!

More Hackathons to come!

boy with a laptop under the tree

The would like to thank all of the participants and community for your effort and trust our work. We want to provide the highest quality events and support for you during your AI journey. That’s why we provide you many materials to help you grow - Stable Diffusion tutorials, articles regarding newest AI technologies and even gathered in one place a full library of Chat GPT APIs!

Come and join us in 2023 for more AI Hackathons to come!

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